You Hadn't Missed The Bitcoin Boat (At Least Phase 2)

So...Bitcoin has been around since 2009, and has increased in value many, many times now (about 800,000% plus), and that is A LOT OF times since then.

Everyone is asking themselves and each other these questions:

  • is Bitcoin going to correct itself?
  • is Bitcoin price going to drop?
  • have I missed the Bitcoin boat?

No one has seen such growth in any technology or companies.

And I believe, yes, if you hadn't invested in any Bitcoins as of now (2017), you have likely missed Phase 1 (me too), where Bitcoin was priced below $500, below $100, and below $50 - those are considered Phase 1, where early adopters have benefited the first round.

now we are slowly entering phase 2: pre-institutions

To set the context, in 2004, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made a very big announcement: they approved and announced the world's FIRST gold exchange-traded fund (Gold ETF).

In the first year itself of launch, by the END of the year, the very same fund was worth USD 1.3 million. Seven years later, it became world's largest ETF. It became a security that is traded exactly like a stock, and the goal of the gold ETF was to open and encourage more people to owning gold.

It was popular.

By the end of 2004, it grew to USD 1.3 billion in assets (in ONE year). By end of second year, it had more than tripled to USD 4.3 billion, and then grow to USD 75 billion in assets.

It eventually became the biggest gold bullion owner in the world.

Of course, that sparked a demand for gold, and gold price increased from USD 442 in 2004 to USD 800+ in 2007.

What is more interesting is that MAJORITY of the investors of the gold ETF HAD NEVER bought gold before.

Imagine that.

It was estimated that around 75% of the gold ETF was entirely new to gold, and gold investing.

The reason why I bring this up is because I want to highly the power, influence and impact regulations and regulatory approval can bring/enhance an asset.

The second part of this story is to point how this similar play is happening to Bitcoin, and once Bitcoin gets regulatory approval - it will send a whole host of money from both private investors and institutional money right into Bitcoin.

Very recently, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (whose main job is to regulate futures and options markets) - recently granted the FIRST-EVER exchange license to a Bitcoin options service.

In a nutshell: this is an important landmark for Bitcoin.

The reason for this is because the large institutional money (think banks and traditional investment companies) have been holding back from investing in Bitcoin, mainly because Bitcoin wasn't regulated.

Tthe important part of cryptocurrency was because it's supposed to be decentralized and non-regulated, but funnily enough, when it's regulated, the demand goes up tremendously due to one key word:Regulatory approval = mass adoption and utilization

Secondly, they have to control risk - portfolio managers get fired when unregulated and unprotected investments tank. That's the #1 reason why traditional banks and institutions shy from risk.

They fear a lot (which is why they NEED regulated assets).

Now that LedgerX is approved by CFTC, this solves both problems - banks and institutions can now hedge their cryptocurrency positions.

This means that there is an open gate to huge, huge institutional investment into Bitcoin.

And that's why right now, you're not too late to Phase 2 yet. Bitcoin was created in 2009 - just 8 years ago.

Phase 3 is when it becomes so, so common...that it leads me to:

When I will sell all my Bitcoins and cryptocurrency is when my taxi drivers, barbers and grocery store cashiers start advising me on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - that's when I will sell it all.

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