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Wisdom Of Seneca Begins

I finally have stepped down from my earlier company and now am starting to write the author website on stoic philosophy based around the teachings and works of Seneca The Younger.

The website is called WisdomOfSeneca.com, and it'd cover all his works and writings - I cannot be more excited to finally be able to focus on work that I am enjoying the older I get.

The website is based on WordPress (instead of my usual Solo Build It - because I will likely base it on Amazon/Amazon Kindle, but if it picks up more traction organically, I don't mind considering porting it to SBI), and it's beginning to take shape as I add more stuff to it.

A quick glimpse of Wisdom Of Seneca

Let me add up the main stuff of the website first, then I'll start working on publishing his public domain works and then put them on Amazon.

Can I quickly share with you: I told someone that I'm thinking of publishing some stuff, and he said this:

let me know when it's up bro, and I'll support you

That sounds really exciting and encouraging to me - so exciting to focus on meaningful work this season of my life.

I specificly chose:

  • Seneca The Younger's Stoic Wisdom because it helped and continue to help me deal with life's concerns, worries, pessimism and troubles, and help me to focus and put things in perspective

  • For the website to be separate because for now, I think NigelChua.com has already a lot of information and ideas, and maybe separating them for now will be cleaner and clearer

  • For the website to be in WordPress because as mentioned above, it's mainly a simple author site for now as most of the books will be sold via Amazon/Amazon Kindle anyway

Update you as we go along ok =)

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