Why people buy Site Build It! (SBI!)...and stay with them.

Why Buy Site Build It?

There are two options that I recommend to family, friends and readers on building a website:

1) Buy a domain name and web hosting plan at BlueHost, install WordPress (1-button install) and pick a free theme to use and you can start creating your articles and content.


2) You can buy Site Build It! (SBI!)T

If you choose option #1, you may save some money in the beginning, but there is significantly less tools and help available (none actually) for you to learn to build a website, research and actually make money with your website. You're really on your own. There is no autoresponder, no forum, no help.

On the other hand, if you choose Site Build It!, you will receive a step-by-step advice, video or text 10-day action guide, the block builder that helps you to build your website block by block (view the video on the latest blockbuilder 2 technology here), forum support where you can ask questions and receive answers from fellow users who are already making money from their Site Build It! sites, and of course, the weekly mailer to update you on news so that you don't have to waste time looking for updates and news.

If what you see arouses your interest, but you're skeptical about what to expect, you'll definitely want to read my step-by-step Site Build It! walkthrough here.

So what does Site Build It! Offer?

Simplest Answer: Tools, Support and Handheld Guidance

The first biggest gift: the 10-day action guide

I found that the best gift that SBI! gave to me was really the 10 Day Action Guide (go here to have a glimpse of what it looks and sounds). What happened is that I had been reading up on stuff for internet marketing, making money online, and had been nicely swindled of thousands of dollars by "gurus" who taught me nonsense. On one hand, I thought I had "learned it all as I paid a lot" and on the other hand I'm thinking, "Shit, is this another one of those so-called gurus who claims everything but can do nothing?"

The action guide really handheld me through the creation of the website...but to be honest, sometimes it was a little slow for me (ahem, yes, I can be impatient and want results yesterday) and I either fastforwarded parts which can be ignored or opted to read the text version of the action guide instead (I'm a visual learner, and I read much faster than waiting for videos). Anyhow, the action guide was the first and foremost important thing to me.

The second biggest gift to me:

Is really the sheer number of tools and services they provide as part of the package. With your yearly or monthly Site Build It! fee, you receive:

  1. Education: 10-Day Action Guide
  2. Support: Forum users and SiteSell staff
  3. Tools:
  • a domain name
  • web hosting
  • web page templates
  • site builder (block builder 2 helps you build websites fast)
  • mailing list manager to keep in touch with your readers
  • marketing help from their action guide, staff, forum and mailers
  • brainstorming tool (helps you choose a more "profitable" topic and weed out unnecessary or potential heartbreakers)
  • link trackers
  • an "Analyze It!" tool that helps you to ensure that each web page you build increases your search engine rankings
  • and really, there's more.

Seriously, all the tools, education and support that you need to create a website can be found in one central location, and you will have a video or text action guide at your disposal to guide you through their 10-day process from start to finish. There is no software to download with Site Build It! - everything can be found and provided from the customer login area, so you can work from anywhere and not just confined to one computer.

You know what, all the above are included with your subscription fee. There are no extras or hidden charges that they'd plonk you with.

Effective Forums That Are Yet Friendly

As a Site Build It! customer, you will get access to be a part and post on the member forums to mingle and chat and ask and answer questions with other successful SBI! owners and users. It's a pretty good place to communicate and bounce ideas off each other and get some honest suggestions and feedback for your site along the way.

Money Back Guarantee

I've been using Site Build It! personally and commercially since 2010, and love it...but if for any reason you don't like Site Build It! you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase (beyond 30 days, it'd be pro-rated)

Must I Use the Site Build It! Templates?

Actually no. You can use your own software and learn to design your own site using HTML and CSS if you want to, but if you're starting out or if you want to have things easier and faster, use the SBI! templates. Your customers find you because of the solutions and content you have, not just how sleek your website can look (though nice looking websites look nice...but I'm more utilitarian - function first always).

In 2012, Site Build It! did a major overhaul of their system, and now with a enhanced and advanced block builder 2...it becomes even easier to start a side business or create a website to enhance your business bottomline.

Watch the video below to learn more about how easy it is to create a website with SBI!.

Why Should You Buy SBI! When There Are Cheaper Options?

It's a good and valid question, and one that I often get from family, friends and readers. After all, why should one pay $29.99 a month when there are hosting companies offering hosting solutions for $10 per month or less?

Thing is, some people take Site Build It! as a scam solely because of the price (actually, I don't think it's expensive) and lack of research (if one pays attention to SBI!, and all they offer, they'd see that it's worth it).

I've tried it with positive results just after one year.

Well, I hope by now you'd know the answer to that question and after reading about who they are and what they offer and the help you will receive, you understand better about what Site Build It! can do for you. If you're still sitting on the fence, head over and read my Site Build It! Walkthrough (suitable for those who are interested but skeptical). Here's what other SBI! owners say when asked:

Why buy SBI! when there are cheaper hosting options elsewhere?

Louann from wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com:
To sum it down, results - I had been making $24000 as a technician, and after 5 years with SBI!, my online income has close to triple my offline income solely from my website. I won't play down the hard work, because I devoted non-stop time to building web pages and working on research. I approached this as a business and have treated it as such.

I've spent the majority of my time chugging along, creating content. I'm kept very busy between handling questions, e-mails about orders, etc. I have so many long term goals, it's hard to know where to focus first. I STILL use blockbuilder and prefer to "keep it simple".

I was not prepared at all for creating an on-line business. Even the simple Blockbuilder stumped me and I was so frustrated in the beginning. I'm definitely not an expert on "all things SBI" . . . but it really doesn't matter.

Despite my lack of training or expertise, SBI has allowed me to earn more than I ever believed possible within a short three years (I didn't even try to put any money making things on my website the first year.)

Please don't take what I'm telling you as bragging . . . but I wanted you to know just how much you have impacted my family's life. My husband works very hard and is looking forward to an early (and hopefully comfortable) retirement. I now spend my time doing something I enjoy - and set my own hours while doing it!!

My dad always told me if I could work as hard for myself as I did for other people, I'd have it made. How true that is.

I owe you a great debt of gratitude for sharing so generously of your knowledge and time. I will always bless the day that I came across your Sitesell offer, and persuaded myself to click on the "Pay" button for (what seemed like an incredible) $300.

Who knew that I now make that amount in one day from my "passion"?

Adam from ace-your-audition.com

In January of 2010 I launched Ace Your Audition, a website dedicated to helping actors nail the audition, book the job, and make a living doing what they love. Eighteen months later, it averages just under 2,000 unique visitors per day, and will earn somewhere between $550 and $600 for the month of July.

And the best part? I'm just getting started. This fall, I'll be integrating video content, playing with affiliate marketing, writing my first ebook for an eventual product launch, and offering my services as an acting career consultant. All this while continuing to build my audience, and empowering actors all over the world.

"Well that's great, Adam. But this website stuff could never work for me."

You know, I used to think that too. I used to read this one thread about SBIers who were in the "$500 A Month Club." I would read for hours, green with envy. I thought, "I'll never know what that's like. They're just lucky, and I'm not." And now look at me. I'm not only IN the club, I won't have time to sign my membership card before I'm moving on the the "$1000 A Month Club"!

I am living proof that absolutely anyone can be successful. See, it's not about luck. Internet marketing is about having the right game plan, executing it well, and (as Dr. Ken would say) keeping it real.

So this post is for all the disheartened, the disillusioned, the disenfranchised, and (perhaps most of all) the disbelievers.... Take heart, dry your eyes, and put your back into your business. Your success is bound to follow.

As you can tell from the comments above, these people knew there were cheaper options to create a website, but they valued the support, tools and education provided by Site Build It!...plus the fact that you don't actually need technical knowledge to create website. You can also note that these are real testimonies from real people with real websites that you can actually visit. It's much, much better than seeing a testimonial from a Mr Peter G from somewhere with no real evidence that he really exists or uses to product. =P

What I like about Site Build It! also is that they're...real. They have a number of customers who have growing and thriving websites, so there's really no need for me to create any fake people and testimonies.

And then there's my own positive results after a year with SBI.

So which is better: SBI! or Standard Web Hosting?

That really depends on you - you can be successful with either one. A better question would be is - what are you more comfortable with?  If you'd like to save some money and learn to bootstrap and do a lot of learning and putting the puzzle together on your own, then go with the standard web hosting of buying your own domain name and web host.

But if you'd like to have more step-by-step support and guidance, and down want to be bogged down and confused about learning other software or buying them, want support in building traffic, support from other SBI! users and actually making money, then please go with Site Build It!

The question "which is better" is rather open ended and relative - it really depends on you and your needs. Regardless, I still think SBI! is an outstanding choice if you want to make money online or offline with a authority, expert approach static website.

Learn more about Site Build It! here.

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