Warriors Of The Light VS Darkstalkers - Which Are You?

Warriors Of The Light and Darkstalkers are an alignments that you can choose, though most of the world do not choose any particular alignments, opting to remain neutral instead. You may have experienced and experimented with either polarizations, but in the end, becoming a Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker will entail you choosing a specific side, and committing to mastering it.

So, choosing to either be a Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker is essentially choosing an alignment, a path, a philosophy of living a certain type of life. It's similar to choosing large and long term field that takes long time to master, such as being an olympian in the Olympics, being the top dog in whatever field you take.

You will not wake up one day and find yourself as president. Nope, not ever. So neither will you one day wake up and have decided to be a Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker. It is a long term commitment to mastery.

This decision to polarize is a very large one, and will take very large decisive energy and energy for you to decide upon. Some may take it as a choice. Some may take it as a calling. Some take time to test both sides...but most never decide, opting to instead "stand on the fence".

A Warrior Of The Light serves the greater good, and has a set of values and rules that tends to be more encompassing, inclusive and positive in nature. A Darkstalker mainly serves himself or herself, and their rules tends to be more selfish, exclusive and may be more negative in nature.

I wrote earlier that once you choose to be either a Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker, this alignment will be your focus for the rest of your life, in everything you do, think or believe. It is almost like a philosophy of life, and akin to choosing either to be a Jedi or a Sith.

Those who know which sides they've taken, they have definitely polarized and decided. Those who have doubts or are unsure, they have not made a decision. I know who I am - I am a Warrior Of The Light.

This article came about because I suddenly recalled a few individuals whom I've come across in my life, and their short-term decisions to cheat me/the business often perplexed me, because I know if I can make 7 figures, I definitely can replicate a 7-figure, or 8- or 9-figure business, and they can cheat me of $10K or $100K, but that's all they can get. Ever. Because I know I will go on higher, but their limits will always be the max they can cheat, because they can't create, and that all they can do is to scam, cheat and mooch others of hard earned moneys.

I'm not so bitter/angry/disappointed talking about this, because these people, I know their limits because they cannot create (people who can only take but cannot create, to me, cannot go far, because no matter what, they're always going to be limited), and I will far surpass them...but looking at the way they do things, make me wonder why do they do that. I do wish they reach redemption, but because of their alignments, it's possible that they do not think that they need redemption, and people like me are stupid and easy to cheat.

And that's how this article came about, and it's a little more reflective and on personal development. I...am more interested in this topic than those cheaters and scammers, so I'd like to visit more on this topic.

Why Polarize In The First Place?

It means to take a side, to either serve the greater good, or to serve yourself. I realized that it's always been easy for me to make/take decisions, especially those that serve more people, and I realize that it's because it's from my perspective as Warrior Of The Light.

Once you choose a side, it becomes your life purpose (maybe that's why it doesn't bother me so much - I am more focused on creating more and more value for greater good - those who can't create/prefer to scam, they have to live on their limited ability, but if that's who they are, then so be it - though I still wish for authorities to crackdown on them =D)

When you are making a decision, you essentially take a stand and say to yourself that is who you are.

You will find yourself making decisions and living your life for this decision that you've made, every day, and it's not because someone told you to, but it's because of it being a decision that you personally made.

Interestingly, choosing to be polarized as Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker will give you a higher level of energy, drive, motivation and dedication. Anything that has bugged you before will become smaller in scale, and when you set goals that are aligned with your polarity, you WILL get it done. You will also start thinking longer and longer terms for your life and timeline, looking at 10, 20, 50 years down the road. There becomes less room for short termed distractions, and more focused on long term commitments.

Similar to there being different levels of studies in any given field ie on job training >> certificates >> diploma >> degree >> masters >> PhD >> etc, so, there are different levels of polarization. The more polarized you are/become, the more you can tap into powers based on your alignments as Warrior Of The Light or a Darkstalker.

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