Walking Away From Negative People, Things And Stuff

It's really simple - it's because I have finite time, energy and resources in the world, and I find that negative people and negativity - is a black hole.

It doesn't stop naturally, because it is a habit that has been formed and reinforced over time (read an article I wrote years ago on Stop Complaining).

Yes, in some situations, it is very helpful to:

  1. Give Feedback on how to improve processes, matters and things in life.

  2. Ventilate to get it off your back and mind (and sometimes, things move quickly when you issue a complaint)

...but...to some people, complaining has become a habit and part of the person, so what happens is that certain people who has adopted/become negative, has many and much of negative thoughts in their mind that all that comes out of their mouths are mainly negative stuff and complaints for the sake of complaining.

Ah, we all know someone like that.

i used to tolerate such people and settings

Though I personally don't really like it, I find that I built up quite a tolerance for it such that I can "go through it" like managing a processes, BUT I've come to a realization:

Some people, things and stuff, which are inherently and habitually negative - I no longer want to associate with them or spend resources, energy, emotions and time more than what is minimally required.

Better still, avoid and ignore entirely.

I realize...that my time on earth is finite. So is my energy, emotions, time, resources.

so, i want to reserve the best of me, my gifts, time and energy - to things that matter

I am moving a little cautious in this direction, but I am certain that when I focus on things that matter, my happiness, business and life will improve manifolds as well.

I want to actively and consciously use my time, gifts, energy, emotions and resources on projects that matter to me.

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