Some Updates Here At Post AffiloJetPack Purchase

I signed up to be a student of Mark Ling's AffiloJetPack earlier this month, after:

  • deciding that I had been struggling enough with building an online business (or that my online earnings were pathetic at $10-$20 per month)

  • came across John Crestani's YouTube ad on Internet Jetset and then I

  • did some reading and research, found JeffLenney who shared about Google Sniper and many other stuff, but eventually I chanced across his review on AffiloJetPack

Which I signed up for after reading more. What made me decide, other than the events as mentioned above, is that AffiloJetPack provides:

  • 18 proven niches in $100M+ to billion dollar niches (choose 5; if you want more you have to buy more but 5 is more than enough to start)

  • 90+ pre-written email autoresponders that's good for a year and they're linked up and preloaded with your affiliate links and supported

  • 20 article content templates per niche

Note: there is a free version of Affilorama too, which can be found here.

It was very, very hard to choose which niche to start off with.

I mean, having 18 proven niches is good, but I was stuck for a while, asking myself:

  • is this me?

  • can I keep writing this?

  • do I want to do this niche?

I went to and fro, again and again, and started logically streamlining the topics that interested me more, which includes:

  • making money online (internet marketing) - hey, that's what this site is all about isn't it?

  • dating tips for women

  • diet/nutrition

  • ???

  • ???

Other than the obvious internet marketing niche that I'm interested in, I decided to choose the niche of dating tips for women (in a different domain name of course, I may or may not reveal this domain URL), but as I go through the information and to-do list in AffiloJetPack, I decided to touch up and implement things that I've learnt into first before I gallivant off to build other passive income internet businesses.

Some of the changes that I'd done here:

  • adding a lead capture plugin (Thrive Leads $67 for single site license) that is connected to Fluttermail email autoresponder, and testing the few different ones. When you visit, you may be greeted with one of the optin form either a pop up or a 2-step optin with a text hyperlink or an image.

  • purchasing Thrive Content Builder ($67 for single site license) to create squeeze pages that I will test later with solo ads to build my mailing list

  • tidying content and focus of, to be slanted heavier towards internet business and making money online

  • changed my SEO plugin from All In One to Yoast SEO

  • renaming and renaming back pages (ugh) (this was due to the use of Affilotheme with limited header navigation space)

  • downloaded Sumo to increase shareability

  • added Redirection plugin to detect any pages/posts that are broken, and to redirect them to the newer URLs

  • upgraded my free pretty link plugin to PrettyLinkPro, which gives it a whole lot more firepower and features

  • re-did my Resources page which was built with Thrive Content Builder, to give it a lot more focus on the specific tools and education one need to succeed online

  • previously there was a list of recommended books in the old resources page which I cut out and put into a new page called Reads - I love reading!

I'm really pretty excited of the changes, and I may be busy for a bit and will go MIA for a bit as I work on the other internet businesses - chat with you later ok.

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