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updates and I Enjoy Publishing Very Much

So I've been busy for a few weeks because of two main events, which revolve around health, sickness and hospitalization.

  • My 14-month old son David and myself were warded consecutively (he for 3 days, myself for 4 days); and my wife and daughter and parent-in-laws too caught a scary bug: norovirus. Also known as winter sickness and highly highly contagious. This knocked us out and we lost about 1.5 - 2 weeks there (sleepless nights, tired bodies etc).

  • Thereafter, my son caught a cough/cold, and had persistent cough - which then was passed to myself and my daughter. Again, another 1-1.5 weeks of discomfort, sleepless nights, tired bodies.

But thank God, in between, I had time to think a little (you DO HAVE more time when you're hospitalized and quarantined lol), and for years I had told myself that:

"I'd like to be paid to write, and have my written works pay me."

I've thought about publishing for years, and I realized, I HAVE been publishing for years...through various outlets.

Yes, websites come and go, but there are few that remains and are close to heart, including this website here, which has been with me since 2009.

I have more updates below:

i gave up two paid for affiliate sites

I gave up two paid-for affiliate sites to a reader to "give them life", because, I really didn't care much for them in the first place - they were bought "off the shelves" because the business that sold them already done research and those were "viable businesses".

Yeah, they were good and viable, but somehow, it doesn't resonate with me to just buy and invest money to hire writers to write articles to rank something I really couldn't care about.

Weird, I always thought that when it comes to investments, one shouldn't be too emotional about it, but I think when it comes to investing, it needs to be meaningful to me?

Maybe I'm wrong. Or right.

Whatever it was, giving it away gave me a sense of relief that the next owner will breathe life and energy to it that it deserves.

i published an amazon book! (And it's a nice start to my publishing journey)

I finally got my act together to start and actually completed my first Amazon publication:

On The Shortness Of Life by Seneca The Younger.

It's centered around stoicism philosophy, and it's helping to temper my understanding of myself, the world, people and life as a whole. It's currently helping to guide me too, quite a nice read.

Seneca The Younger’s essay to Paulinus, which covers his desriptions, observations and ideas about how short, frail and fleeting life is, and many of the people who are caught up in their busy-ness and inability to “unplug” from their ideas of self-imposed commitments, work, busyness, and when they discover that life is so short and frail.

The stoic teachings and observations of Seneca then, applies even more today in our modern world, where we’re constantly bombarded with emails, ads, SMSes, demands…we need to slow down, evaluate what we do and live life more mindfully and meaningfully.

I personally have read and re-read this book and its contents multiple times, and each time I still enjoy the teachings today as I first read it before..

Best when read during quiet time during early hours of the morning, or late at night, or when traveling.

>> Buy On The Shortness Of Life now on Amazon at USD 0.99 only <<

I started with public domain to have a feel of it, and I LIKE IT! It's fun, and I am working on publishing a few more of Seneca's books =D

I have received words of encouragement from my friends and ex-colleagues, and I pray that the works that I publish will benefit them and readers (at this point in writing, there is already 14 sales - so happy!)

Going back to my original passion: bee pollen supplement

There was a guy called Azan Tengku, who advertised on Facebook that he wants to give back to Singaporeans and executives to help them gain clarity of life decisions - he had left a cushy finance job in Bloomberg New York, to make a massive change and turnaround in his life, because he truly wanted to own his own life and decisions.

He quit his job, came back to Singapore, and started from scratch here. Today he's the CEO and co-owner of Kalm's Singapore, a specialist gifting company; and when I met him, his company is making great strides to be ahead of the game in gifting.

Meeting him was fun (always lovely to make new friends, and especially friends that can help point you in the right direction) - so he reminded me to focus on things that I am passionate for and enjoy.

Which sparked:

  • my foray into publishing (public domain first)
  • and my return to niche health supplements sites

I am highly passionate about high quality health supplements from Xtend Life, the company that I endorse whose health supplements I've been taking since 2014, and I am going back to focus on niche sites dedicated around their specific products.

I am beginning with their Xtend Life Bee Pollen product, in an old website BeePollenForHealth.com that was largely ignored since 2015/2016.

A snippet of Bee Pollen For Health home page

And I cannot tell how excited and fun I find both publishing public domain works on Amazon and focusing on my health supplement niche sites are - doing these works are quite fun and fulfilling.


So I am focusing right now on a few key works in my life, on top family and children, am I am very focused on doing things that are meaningful and fun to me personally.

  • publishing public domain works on Amazon
  • publishing niche health supplement websites/artlcles

It's intrinsically rewarding and I think I really like publishing in these 2 arenas.

I hope to update you more soon!

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