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Unwise Revenue Generation Activities Of Cafe Near Kids School

Every weekday, myself, wifey and kiddos go to a cafe just beside our pre-school, to have breakfast and then drop them off at school.

Just yesterday, Monday 12th November 2018, when we went for breakfast there as usual, so I bought food, and then bought some chicken wings...and that's where the pain was.

re-fried leftover chicken wings

So when I started peeling the chicken wings for the kids, I found/realized that the chicken wings were simply re-fried leftover chicken wings. And since it's Monday, it's likely that they were from freaking FRIDAY the week before!!!!

Like, what on earth is the business owner thinking man????

Are they like retard or what? Frankly I know them/cashier people, and I like them as persons, but this decision to make more money by re-frying leftover food...is one of the shit decisions that they had made.

The risks are bad against them:

  1. Food safety & hygiene: this is #1 on the list. If people fall sick, how? If people die, how? Just to save and make a couple of dollars?

  2. Taste: other than the #1 problem above, the leftover chicken wings and refried made them really dry. It was bad, like old fried chicken.

And I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to taste, and I know for sure they also re-cycle/re-use their oils - all their fried noodles have that same bad stale oil taste.

Just to save or make that extra few dollars.

This is not wise business decisions at all, cos people know.

They ALWAYS know. Like any business that tries to hide their secrets and think that no one knows, please la, everyone will know, sooner or later. In this era of social media and internet, it's very quick.

So...don't do bad or unwise business decisions or leadership.

For this cafe, we will definitely cut down if not replace going to them directly (we don't spend that much with them, around $8 to $10 per weekday). We may end up saving more and having healthier food (safer food too).

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