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Toyed With Idea Of Porting Back To WordPress

Yeah, seriously - it was in my mind for the past couple of weeks. I liked how WordPress looked, and its Categorization and Tagging and Related Post function - it made things prettier, especially for blogging.

I mean, the idea did come across once in a while after I ported NigelChua from WordPress to Solo Build It, but the last 2 weeks, man, it was a little more intense haha - perhaps, it's from the re-thinking, re-imagining, re-focus and re-calibration here to focus back on my deeper love, which is

  • passive income
  • early retirement
  • financial independence

But what put the idea of porting back to WordPress to rest was:

I successfully installed addthis related post function to nigelchua!

It's not as pretty or as savvy as WordPress' version, but to me, it's already a very strong upgrade because I felt that having this Related Post function (thanks to AddThis - it's free!!) increases:

  1. relevance to readers/audience, who may want to read a related article to the current article that they're reader
  2. stickiness as readers/audience continues to read and spend time on the site

Thank you AddThis and Jacki from SBI who advised me.

I remember the pains related to self hosted wordpress

There are quite a number of pains related to self-hosted and self-managed WordPress

It's a little technical on setting up. I mean it's not rocket science, but you will need to be patient enough to sign up for a hosting account (I recommend Bluehost, which I still am a user since 2010) and pay for that account (usually between USD 3-10 per month, you can go with the cheapest one to test and try first).

Then you will need to get a domain name, and pay for that (between USD 7 to 20), pay for it.

Then you got to install WordPress (or whatever operating stuff to run it eg Joomla or something - WordPress is the easiest).

Then let's talk about maintenance.

Your WordPress site is "held together" and needs widgets for it to run well (much like most smartphones today) - so you will need to keep finding, downloading, upgrading/updating them to see which works best for your WordPress sites (which frankly sometimes you can't tell the difference).

The most important to me is two fold in this issue of maintenance

The most important of all, all these technical maintenance and stuff, will take time from what is most important for you: taking time away from your core business/work/key performance indicator. It's like me running a business but trying to make my own paper or staples.

And then, you must know, WordPress may seem cheap in the beginning ie:

  • USD 4/month webhosting
  • USD 12/year domain name

Only USD 60 per year!!!

Well, that's just at the beginning.

Say if your business does well, then:

  1. you will need to start upgrading your hosting plans to deal with increased visitors (can be anything from USD 10 per month all the way to USD 50-100 per month...and Solo Build It can take more than 1M visitors per month without increasing any costs to you)

  2. you will definitely start and keep buying widgets/functions, which can be once-off costs or recurring costs, which is anything from USD 10-500+ per month...and again, Solo Build It doesn't have

There are many upsides to WordPress, don't get me wrong:

  1. easier to outsource as most developers know WordPress
  2. easier to hire designers/individuals to maintain/handle/grow WordPress-based sites
  3. cheap to start off with

it boils down to your need and focus

Why I still stay with Solo Build It since 2010 is...

  1. Because it works. It works beautifully for me (despite its limited themes and clunky-looking design lol)

  2. It takes away distractions of having to worry about security, manage widgets and keeping up to date with tech and tech issues - I just keep focusing on my core and what's important.

  3. I just want a small little gig of my own, and the cost is capped at USD 299 per year (or USD 30 per month) which is important because I dont want my expenses to keep raising year on year, I want to keep it simple and low.

To me, that's easy, simple, reliable and works.

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