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Thinking Of Porting To Circle Life

So during this time of sabbatical, as my income has dropped a fair bit, I am exploring other ways of cutting out unnecessary costs...and that's where Circle Life may potentially be good.

I can't imagine I didn't think of this earlier - currently I pay close to $300 a month for 5 personal lines under M1 for a bulk discount of a now-obsolete 35% group discount in M1...

...but I just recalled and realized that I because 2 lines are for my in-laws who have migrated overseas (we took the line over from them) and 1 more so that  I can "keep my 35% now-obsolete M1 bulk discount"....but truly, only myself and Louise really use our mobile lines.

So...basically we're under-utilizing our 5 lines when we only need 2.

I know.

And I've been paying $300 bucks a month for all 5 lines, lol.

Classic fear of loss of the 35% compared to the $300 per month.


So...I've been looking around, and I was looking at Circle Life basic plan, that seems to be the most suited for us.

Apparently the last couple of months, we have been paying less than $10 worth of calls made (means that we don't really call anyone on the regular voice calls, and use more of whatsapp...and maybe we dont really call anyone lol!).

By doing that, and maybe paying $2 extra for unlimited incoming, that'd mean our mobile plans will be $30 per person, so multiply by 2 = $60 per month.

Instead of $300 per month.


Original price of $300 per month.

New price is $60 per month.

That's a cost savings of $240 a month (80% cost savings) and multiply that by 12 months = $2880 per year.

This $2880 per year, can be used to buy new phones in case our phones die. Under M1, we used to "be able to buy new phones every 2 years", when we "had to recontract". Now with cost savings of $2880, we can buy new phones EVERY YEAR...

But knowing me, just use until phone close to dying (my phones usually last for about 2 years), and then replace.

I. Can't. Imagine. Why. I. Didn't. Think. About. This. Earlier.

Will start by cancelling the additional 3 unused lines, and then will sign up/port our 2 contract-free M1 lines to Circle Life next week, where we can get additional 1 GB of data for 6 months and free earphones too!

Excited - talk soon!

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