The day my staff told me that she was resigning (first time in my life)

Because I schedule my posts in advance, by the time you read this post which is scheduled for 16th September 2013, my first full time staff would have long left and gone by then. won't be my first, nor will it be my last - as we grow the business, we will definitely hire more staff who will also come and go later. It was an odd and interesting myriad of feelings that I experienced when she came to me and started the conversation with "You're not going to like this conversation."Such sentences make poor, poor conversations. I think.

She sat down and she told me the that she will be leaving, when she looks to leave and which company that she'll be joining. She told me that she felt bad, because we were all close like family, and that we've been taking care of her but she needed to leave to progress and grow.

And that she didn't tell me earlier because she needed to protect herself, because her previous employer, upon hearing that she wants to quit, told her to leave immediately.

In my heart, I already knew that such a moment would come - in business and life, people come and go all the time. In fact, a long time ago I had realized that. It's just that I didn't expect her to leave in less than a year's practice with us.

This is the first time that I had a full time staff that was leaving, and experiencing this was a new feeling of grief, pain of loss, fearful of business....yet it was bittersweet, as I knew and understood her reasons for wanting to leave.

I didn't even get angry, not once. Only once did I try to reason and to ask her to stay, but when it seemed that she had made up her mind, I made a decision in my heart and mind to not pursue the matter. I told her I understood, and I told her to not feel bad, and wished her all the best wherever she goes.

Then I gave her a sideways hug, and ushered her back to her own room.

The next day, I told her that we needed to have a farewell party to say our goodbyes, and she was shocked that I would do such a thing. Perhaps, she drew reference from her previous experience where her ex-boss threw her out immediately.

I don't subscribe to that. I believe that one should always pursue growth and be happy for others as they pursue their goals and move towards their dreams.

Thank you so much for your help and partnership working with us, Karine Rogers - we at Urbanrehab will not forget you, nor your friendship with us. We miss you already!

All the best wherever you are! =D

Friends, nothing is forever. Let us enjoy each others presence as often and as much as we can, as we can; at the same time, doing the best we can as well.

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