The day I almost fainted

Note: this is an old article that I found, it was since 2011, when we first partnered with a health company in Paragon - the CFO then was a pain in the ass to speak to and work with.

I went to lie down to rest, and my wife went to take the blood pressure machine to check my blood pressure (I tell you, wives are very wise) and when she took my blood pressure, we found it to be quite raised and elevated to 146/103, which is pretty high for me (I usually am at about 125/80).

This incident was pretty shocking and frightening at the same time, and I suddenly was filled with ideas of thoughts of "perhaps I'm going to get a stroke", followed by "OMG. I imagined myself in newspaper with 'youngest stroke man'", and the like. I was still faint, so I lay down on my own medical plinth, what a convenience, to rest.

I took about an hour to rest, and slowly but surely my blood pressure normalized to 125/96 (systolic reading still elevated) but at least I don't feel faint anymore. My feet feels firmly secure on the ground now. When I woke up, I immediately told myself that I have no problems, it's a fluke and a mistake, that I am healthy as an ox, and repeated that to myself for about five minutes, until I achieve a sense of calm in my mind and soul, before I stopped.

That's when I know, I'll be okay.

This incident reinforced my perspectives and thinking, that I will choose to do and pay attention to the execution of things that matter. Things that don't matter as much will receive secondary or little attention for me. Interestingly, I started this last night by switching off all work from 7 pm onwards. No more work, no matter how inspired I am. If I get a spark of inspiration, it'd just be jotted down and emailed to myself in a short note, and I'll attend to it tomorrow during my work time.

I spent last night cooking dinner for us, having a wonderful dinner with Louise, conversing and talking about our daily events, our lives, where we're heading to, family matters, reading blogs, helping a neighbour's son print out a picture for his school project, and even had time to sing some songs (like a frog still, but it's okay =p).

We were in bed at 9.30 pm, and had some fruits and chips on the bed, and continued talking, and I felt so comfortable and rested, and slowly dozed to sleep, and woke up energized at 6.30 in the morning.

I like life this way. =)

I'll exercise a tad more, eat a little healthier, spend quality time with loved ones, pray, sing and worship my God, and live life helping others. Sounds like a good life.

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