Structuring and Imagining Concepts For

So far, I've come up with a rough general idea of what I want NigelChua to cover and they're:


  • Jesus Christ & Personal Salvation
  • Money, Passive Income, Becoming Rich & Financial Freedom
  • Self Care, Health & Wellness
  • Conscious Living
  • Purpose & Meaning
  • Self Image
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Goal Achievement
  • Career & Work
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity
  • People Skills
  • Family & Relationship
  • More


  • Wake Up
  • Start Where You Are
  • Optimization, Progress & Growth Mindset
  • Optimization, Progress & Growth Decisions & Actions
  • Pareto's 80/20 Rule & Minimum Effective Dose
  • Majoring on Majors, Not On Minors
  • Build Success Habits, Routines And Systems
  • Finding Your Purpose & Living It
  • First Things First
  • Beatitudes
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Forgive
  • Choose Love, Good And Greater Good
  • Make The World A Better Place Without Killing Yourself
  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Be Curious
  • Walk The Talk And Let Your Walk Do The Talking
  • Walk Away From Things, People And Stuff That Takes Away From You
  • Do It Now
  • Factor In Slack/Downtime (You're Not A Robot)
  • Win-Win-Win (All Win Approach)
  • Death Is Certainty (Frailty & Shortness Of Life) So Make Life Meaningful
  • Make Space For Serendipity
  • Make Space For Christ/Ginosko Spiritual Encounters
  • More


  • Business
  • Investing
  • Relationship
  • Health



  • Mission
  • Philosophy

I dont know what exactly I'm going to do yet here on NigelChua, and perhaps that's why this website, though it's been around since 2008/2009, it's been sort of stagnant and sort of lost, uncertain of stepping forward-back-forward-back with me having "tried"

  • personal development
  • online business
  • passive income
  • personal blog
  • etc

And I seem to have come one full circle, back to Personal Development, as it seems that "everything" falls under personal development, personal growth, personal excellence. And I dont seem to be keen nor able to "just focus under ONE single niche" because frankly, the world is too big for that.

At least for

I dont just wanna talk about

  • passive income
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • health
  • sales
  • etc

I do all of that, and more. And our lives are much more complex and interwoven than just a single niche, and despite "gurus and coaches" advising to "make it easy for people to know what you're about" (yes I do that for my niche sites and offline/online businesses), but for, I dont want that. will be broad-based, and as encompassing as it should be, and as real as it can, peppered with learnings, teachings, hopes and lessons on life and growth


Life is big (God is bigger) and complex with a lot of stuff to worry and think about at the same time. So I'll write and structure the way (my) life's learnings, experiences, conclusions, growth lessons and resources are.

As real as it gets, without sounding woo-woo or being over-the-top professional.

To me, life is fun and God is real, and there is so much shit to truly face and overcome, to emerge victorious from personal struggles, dreams, hopes and more. And this same victor (or victress?) will have to go home, and still deal with other matters such as

  • parenting (kids not sleeping, wants to play, hanging out with wrong crowd)
  • health (lose weight, gain health, fuck too little/much, body aches and pains etc)
  • personal and spiritual growth 

...all those, and more.

I'll take more time to mull over the layout and the stuff I want to write and cover, and will try to make them as timeless as possible too.

Talk soon.

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