Stop Blaming and Whining


I'll be honest - this is a rant. I'm hearing quite a few responses from people who says a rehash/remix of the following:

  • waaaa my time is too late to the party/the economy is too terrrible now/I'll never be able to afford it

  • it's always someone/something else's fault, never his or her own

  • insert some other excuses here

  • blah blah blah

Yes, in some cases it's genuine and true. So, most of the time, I'm smiling and encouraging and saying "it's okay, keep pressing in/on, you can do it", but this time, in this rant, I'm gonna say:

You know what - you're right.

You have so much energy and effort and time to blame the economy, the world, the universe - please. Use that energy, effort and time for good use. Grow a spine. Stop your whining and get on with the program. The entire world/country/universe is not going to stop to say " poor thing. Let's stop the entire world to help you."

And pick up your own shit. If you didn't get something done that's your responsibility or motivation, that's your fault. There is no one left to blame but yourself.

Squandered your own time/money/opportunity/youth/whatever away?

It's your stupid fault. Don't go blaming your parents/society blah blah. Grow a spine too. Plus some eyeballs and some brain to see that in the end, it's you who gets what you give. Remember, you reap what you sow. Don't for even once think that you can plant shit seeds and get a million dollars the next day.

Plant shit seeds = Get shit results.

You want your success? Want to get ahead in life? You want your time? Want to get what you want? Then hustle.

Stop chasing after the next shiny shit that promises you overnight success. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Even if there was, there's close to a 100% you'd squander it away again in record time (don't believe me? Good. See this article and this article). Why? Simply because they and you hadn't built the capacity to handle a higher level of responsibility.

So how does one "level up"?

Plan. Get shit done. Over and over. Until it's your time to shine. And the thing is, we don't know how long it takes or how long it'd last. Malcolm Gladwell says in his famous book "Outliers" that it takes about 10,000 hours to mastery, which translates to about 10 years part time, or 5 years full time. This means hustling, making mistakes, refining, hustling, making mistakes...until you master it.  The theory of success is open ended and you may or may not get to success that you want, but you may reach a measure of success.


If all you want to do is daydream, keep daydreaming and wonder how people keep going ahead whilst you make noise. Or if all you want is to make noise, please at least do it out of my earshot (read this article if you need help to stop complaining).

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