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Small Slow Carb Win - Less Love Handles?

Just a little happy - first cheat day of my slow carb diet (been six days since started), I met my sister and she was originally poking fun at my "another diet", which I explained on the slow carb diet and was sharing on cheat day.

And after she met me, she was looking at my love handles and she said that maybe it's working, cos it seems that maybe my love handle (muffin top) seems a little smaller?

I said it's too early la to tell, just six days only anyway - but it was a little encouraging to me frankly speaking

I was as happy as this guy on the inside, but not as ripped dammit

It's a start, and I do hope that I will shed more fat over time.

Tim Ferriss said that when slow carb diet is done right, generally one will lose about 2 pounds of fat per week and this may be slowed if we're gaining muscle mass. Of course, this slow carb diet will be much more obvious and effective when practiced by much more heavy/overweight individuals (ie a person who is 10 kg overweight will not show as remarkable results as one who is 50 kg overweight)

...but I've seen some examples where people who were slightly chubby/flabby becoming tight and ripped, which is a dream for me.

Tim Ferriss also asks NOT to measure weight but better to either:

  • take cm measurements and/or
  • take weekly pictures instead


I may not do anything lol!

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