Remembering And Using Your Pains To Bring You More Success In Life

Following the recent father's day, and I was reminiscing about my dad, I was thinking about this recently, and that brought me to think about the major pains I've experienced in my life.

painful moments

I can remember very vividly a few pains in my life:

  • Losing my father, and seeing him die. In person.

  • Hearing how my unregistered pet, named Rock, was hunted, shot and thrown into a pile of carcasses.

  • Facing my old boss from Changi and the shit experiences I had with her; all the promotions given to people who were apples and bootlickers, and how the others were marginalized. Even when I tendered, she smiled (she was waiting) and my departure was not mentioned to anyone until my last day.

  • Facing a terrible CFO in Pac Health, her initials are MC

  • Being cheated 3x where my first 3 start up clinics were lost (1st one the landlord withheld information that his place has termites; 2nd one where it was a non-conducive partnership with Pac Health; 3rd one was where landlord just removed me because he had higher yield by someone else...and this was someone I had served for 1-2 years+).

  • Dealing with a fraudulent individual who was a nasty, vulgar and pushy individual...and each time I terminated the working relationship with him (I terminated 3x), he would go to the person above me to "fix" the situation - this is one of the reasons why I cannot work with low-level individuals, even if they're CEOs or large corporations.

  • And many, many more.


pains in life

There is upsides:

  • I learnt about the beauty of impermanence (another blog post for this), and the importance of treasuring relationships, people and moments in life.

  • I learnt about psychology of humans, be it bosses, landlords and CEOs...and how important it is for me to fire people who are nasty, terrible, greedy, lying, overall negative from my life. It doesn't matter how "high up" or "low down" they are - firing and removing negative in my life is crucial to my happiness in life.

  • I learnt that I truly dislike the culture of corporate - it's truly disgusting, negative and inefficient where the biggest and smoothest cock-talkers make it.

  • I learnt that I can achieve success, on my own without begging for promotions, being fraudulent etc. Together with my wife, we built a 7-figure rehab business eventhough we just started with $65 in our pocket. We will not beg for what we can earn with sweat, hard work, blood and tears.

Everyone has their own demons, struggles and pains. Today, I want to wish you well and to encourage you.

Preservere and persist!

You will be able to go through all your pains, trials and struggles, and you will be able to emerge victorious. You will be successful and you will survive and you will reach where you want to be.

Today, I wish you peace, success, love and happiness.

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