Protect Yourself And Children From Zika Virus: Repellents

The recent Zika news and epidemic is a worrisome one, especially when it affects foetuses during pregnancy and leads to microcephaly:


This makes me very worried. And the problem doesn't stop there, it can also affect adults and cause eye, joint, and rashes; and in some cases, brain cells damage and leading to early onset dementia.

We have to protect ourselves, our families, our children, our friends.

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent, 4-Ounce Pump Spray

  • Contains Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

  • Cool, refreshing scent

  • Strong scent repels mosquitoes

  • DEET free - won't harm gear

  • Contains Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

  • Repels mosquitoes and deer ticks for up to 6-hour

  • Cool, refreshing scent

  • Strong scent repels mosquitoes

  • DEET free - won't harm gear

Natural Bug Repellent Spray, Mosquitoes, SAFE for Babies, Children, Adults and Pets. Long-lasting. DEET-FREE

  • OIL OF LEMON EUCALYPTUS- ENJOY STAYING OUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE: You know how irritating it is to be constantly attacked by insects and mosquitoes. Picnicking, camping, hiking, traveling can be easily turned into a nightmare! Put an end to such problems just by applying this amazing bug repellent spray directly to your skin. Stay always protected against the pests.

  • THE NATURAL SOLUTION AGAINST MOSQUITOES: Unlike other pest repellent products that are jammed with harmful and toxic ingredient, this spray is all natural and safe to use. Made of 100% essential oils, this great bug repeller spray is DEET Free, Toxic Free, Paraben & Sulfates Free, making them the best choice for you and for the environment!

  • SHIELD YOUR CHILDREN AGAINST MOSQUITO BITES: Babies and young kids, with their sensitive skin- are those who suffer the most from mosquito and bug bites! This all natural and toxin-free spray is completely safe to use even for your little ones. It's pure, natural formula makes it a great choice for all the family; ideal for babies, toddlers, kids, adults and even pets!

  • CONVENIENCE AT ITS BEST: With this amazing spray you can enjoy staying out with peace of mind, everywhere. The long-lasting effects of this spray and its non-greasy or stinky formula ensure that this pest control product will be your best friend while in the nature. Note also that thanks to its portable, ergonomic design you can keep this bug repeller spray in your bag or car for the moment you need it, always at your arm's reach!

  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing pest repellent spray, we offer you a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! Trust the quality of USA Made, cruelty free product and be sure about the rewarding results; order yours now!

ThermaCELL MR-PTJ Realtree AP Mosquito Repeller, Brown with Earth Scent (for an area of protection)

  • 15-foot by 15-foot "Zone of Protection" against bugs or 225 square feet

  • Cordless, pocket-sized, portable and lightweight appliance

  • Silent and virtually odor-free operation

  • All ThermaCELL products come with a one year warranty

  • Effectively and silently repels mosquitos, black flies and other flying, biting

  • Effectively repels mosquitos, black flies and other flying, biting insects

  • No greasy, sticky, or oily sprays or lotions

  • Odor free repellent mat contains the active ingredient allethrin

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