Protect Your Health And Wealth With Insurance

I do not sell insurance, but I am a firm believer of buying good insurance coverage for myself and my loved ones because of two reasons:

  • because of my experience working in healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics, where I've personally witness thousands of patients who couldn't afford to pursue health and wellness simply because they didn't have sufficient cash nor coverage
  • because of my personal experience (see the box in red below)

You likely know someone who loss their wealth and/or their health because they weren't protected by insurance. As a trained healthcare professional, having worked in hospitals and private clinics before - I am well aware of people who do not seek treatment or avoid treatment because they didn't/couldn't pay out of pocket, decreasing their overall health and well being.

A personal tragedy is that my family too suffered the same issue in 2014, where I lost my father to a severe case of post-UTI weakness with a massive pneumonia. Having insufficient cash and insurance not only slowed us tremendously but also limited our options and ability to save our dad.

And yes, for years I've told my dad to cover himself and mom with insurance...but they didn't see the need. And when the need truly came, we all caught off-guard and unprepared.

So right now, before you think about building and living the Passive Income Lifestyle, think about protecting your health and wealth with adequate insurance - there's no point building up your passive income streams for them to be wiped clean by illness and disease.

Insurance allows you to access quicker medical care with more options without worry about costs, and at the same time, will not wipe out your accumulated wealth (or if you're just starting out - won't cause you to go deep into debts, or worse, have no choice but to lose health or life)

After all, it's pointless to earn and build your wealth to pay the doctor, in the end. Set aside money that will pay for you and your family's insurance, and where possible, put money into insurance programs that can help you multiply your money as well.

Go speak to your insurer/insurance agent to assess your coverage; or if you don't have one, Google search and speak to your friends and family.

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