Predicting Your Future

Often when I meet people who are looking to be successful in whatever they want to do, yet don't do what they are supposed to do to get them to where they want to be.

And they are often unaware of what they're not doing.

But some are aware, and they are the ones who ask:

"Why is it sometimes I am able to take action and sometimes I don't do anything at all?"

Actually, there is a reason and fixed predictability whether or not you will try or persist or succeed in anything you set out to do. There are 10 measures of scale that will help you to predict your future success:

  1. Do you identify with your future identity?
    Meaning which is the future goal that you envision, is it relevant to your future self and identity? Is it aligned with how you see yourself in the coming future.

    If you cannot identify with a future that you think is ideal for you, you will not achieve it. An example is if you want to be rich, but you believe that rich people are back-stabbing, money-grubbing bastards, and that you will never be like that - you will unconsciously fight against getting rich.

  2. How valuable is your future goal to you?
    Is what you have set out to do something that you enjoy and have passion over? Is it something you would feel proud of, would enjoy doing over and over again? Is it meaningful and helpful regardless of money, status, fame or recognition by others?

    The more important the goal to you, the more you will put in the energy, time and effort, the blood and sweat and tears to bring it to pass. And conversely, the less important, the more you will not do much about it at all.

  3. How useful would this achievement in the future be?
    Is this goal or activity will be something that will ultimately lead to something purposeful or useful for you? Is it something good that will come out of it in the end?

    If you think it'd be something good and useful, you will be more apt to put in more effort to make your goal come to pass.

  4. What it is costing you to pursue this goal?
    As you pursue this goal, what will be the possible trade-off? Can you limit losing out on other things that you also find important? Can you minimize your investment of time, effort, resources that needs to be shared with other activities and decisions?

  5. How long will it take you to get there?
    Is this goal something that is quick to achieve with fruits and results that you can enjoy soon?

    Goals that take very long tend to be larger goals that have greater fruits - think planting durian trees that takes 10 years to mature and bear fruit, compared to bean sprouts that takes a couple of days to sprout. But longer bigger goals tend to be tiresome, because sometimes the wait is very boring and long - that's why a mix of large goals and small goals are good.

  6. Do you have personal control over this goal?
    Is this goal something that you have full control over to make successful based on your own effort, time and energy?

    Is it in your power to do something that will bring you closer to your goal? If it is, then you're empowered to go as fast or as slow as you want to achieve your goals.

  7. Do you have supporters who will help carry you in achieving this goal?
    Is this goal something that people will support you for? Will there be people who will help to guide you and encourage you as you hustle through?

    Having supporters who carry your vision and your spirit is important, as you climb higher, sometimes it gets lonely and having people who supports you will lend your strength and encouragement to keep on going on.

  8. Do you have the capacity for it at this point in time?
    Do you have too much on your plate? Is this goal something that you will have enough time and focus to complete it successfully?

    Are you able to set aside an adequate amount of time that is required to bring your goal to pass? A goal that requires 10 hours a week will not fruit if you're only able to put in 10 minutes a week.

  9. Do you have the required resources to achieve this?
    Do you have the necessary available resources to achieve this goal that you have set out for?

  10. Do you have the independence of making your own decisions?
    Will you be given the full autonomy and decision making authority? Will you be in control?

Think about these 10 measures first, and you'll be able to predict whether you'll achieve what you think you can achieve.

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