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Leaning Towards Personal Development, Growth, Excellence, Leadership and Courage

This season of trying to find out what I want, who I am, where I wanna go, is a challenging one for me, because it requires me to:

  • take stock and to understand myself from my past, to my present
  • to see what and who I am, and then decide where I want to go and who I want to become

I am interested in a variety of topics, as mentioned, some includes:

  • health and fitness
  • business and entrepreneurship
  • leadership and decision making
  • money and passive income
  • relationships and love
  • parenting
  • and this all, done in courage, love, truth, principles, power
  • and more

I also know that I

  • care a lot about principles and fundamentals, and wouldn't sell myself short due to fear or money
  • care about mustering/building the courage to build, live and sustain the kind of life I (and you) truly want, and this includes relationships, money, business, sex, parenting - whatever is important (and legal, ethical and moral of course)
  • don't want to create billion-dollar businesses and neither do I want to change the whole world or society at large: I just want to help myself grow legally, ethically, morally and hopefully help others too, one person a time, to grow to be their best
  • dont want to apologize for who I am, and neither do I want you to. I dont want to change or concede to anyone just because they're negative, mean, fear mongering or browbeat to get their way - these people needs to chill and fuck off
  • i won't/don't stay or work with people who are negative, manipulative, fear-mongering, cheats, frauds, liars, and will steer clear from such individuals or organizations
  • have been in a leadership role for a while, and seem to naturally gravitate towards leadership, communication and clarity in relationships and pre-sabbatical work
  • I'm quite sure I have a lot more on this list, but this is a start I think =D

I'm still forming my ideas and connecting the dots in my life, as I think I'm laying the foundation for to focus on my life's work, mission and purpose.

I know it's to serve people and readers here on NigelChua, but exactly what, I'm not sure yet.

It feels so big and vague, like, should I instead try to "niche" in? I don't know for sure. Maybe I'll niche in, in the end. Maybe not.

Where to next?

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  1. Contact me by email at (even just to say hi) at nigel@nigelchua.com
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