Paleo Diet

Gordon introduced me to the Paleo Diet (aka Caveman Diet) about 4 months ago, and after considering it for about a few weeks, and comparing to the previous health and fitness results that I've encountered for the past 10 years (the last 10-15 years was a struggle of my weight, trying to embrace a "healthy" eating habit of more brown rice/wholemeal etc, less caloric intake, etc, but all in all, there's no result) and so I decided to try it. Not for 30 days but for a whopping 180 days (6 months), so that I can do a full blood test after to see how it works or bombs my health.

Trying my best to be as objective as possible without much invasion assessment such as ECGs, blood tests etc, here's some results after being 4 months on the Paleo Diet.

  • Lost 4 kgs of weight
  • Packed on much more muscle mass
  • More energetic
  • More clarity of thought (interesting)
  • No fainting spells or headache that's related to blood pressure (had a lot of this when I was having a lot of challenges in Paragon)
  • Able to focus more

Ok, I wished I had done a full blood test to compare analytically post 6 months, but some of my health details that I recalled from my quick analysis with Jessica the nutritionist was that I had some borderline high cholesterol, good vitamin levels (I'm on multivitamins and vitamin C and still waiting for my glutathione).

Two months down the road, I'll do a blood test and show the results here, and I hope that it'd encourage me and you.

If you don't know what Paleo Diet is, to summarize is that our bodies require the nutrition level and type of our 10,000 years ago forefathers, before the agrarian age of farming. So were supposed to adopt the hunter-gatherers eating habits, and after careful research by PhD Jaminet and Jaminet (they suffered poor health until they researched this and adopted this lifestyle) that concluded our forefathers took this ratio of health diet:

65% good fat: 15% protein:20% calories from fruits or white rice

It'd be best if you pick up the Perfect Health Diet book to read it first before you comment about the dangers of fat and the like because there are things we should read and understand first as there is a lot of misconception about our diet and health today. I have read and re-read this book a few times now and the health revelations within still doesn't fail to amaze me =)

If the previous ideas about eating "healthily" such as brown rice, wholemeal, fruits etc works...then why did I steadily gain weight though I controlled lots of my eating, work out a lot (3-5 times a week even then). Even doctors in Sweden are prescribing this HFLC (high-fat, low-carbohydrate) nutrition that prevents heart attacks and obesity.

See two reports here:

Regardless, if you're keen about the idea of Paleo Diet or it piques or interest, just google search it to find out more information, and test the information if it works for you. I find my paleo recipes for free here but if you want a lot more in depth paleo recipes, you can go through the same author's book that he has for sale here, which you can download directly

The Paleo Recipe Book

If clicking on the picture doesn't take you to the page with more details on the Paleo Recipe Book, go here.

Have fun!

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