OPPO has drawn me, bye for now Samsung

I've been a user and fan of the Samsung Note series since 2012 or 2013, I loved the way it looked, the way it function, the large screen. And it was the first time I had moved away from Apple and Apple's frustrating iTunes to me, and I totally fell in love with it.

I used the Note 3, then the Note 4, and because I tend to use my phones for about 2 years, I skipped the Note 5, and since the Note 6 didn't materialize, I got the Note 7 when it was time to renew my contract.

I hated the edged screen that the Note 7 had. Gone was the nice and smooth flat screen, to a double edge on left and right (remember Samsung Galaxy Edge? That had ONE edge. The Note 7 had TWO).

That was my main complaint, but the phone was brilliant and strong and easy to use.

Then came the fire, the explosions related to them.

And then Samsung recalled it, so I got to exchange it for a new one. A bit of a hassle, but I'm still ok, pretty happy to get it changed to a safer one.

And then the fire and explosions continued.

And then Samsung did a massive recall of all Note 7, which I highly applaud and appreciate for such a move, which is responsible. Yes, they could be faster, but it's a worldwide decision which required more thought and discussion.

So they offered me to change to a Galaxy S7 Edge + cash $250 (total $1348 value) or pure cash at $1168.

I took the cash. Look, I hated the Edge, and I'm ok with the Edge on Note 7 because I LOVE the Note. Not the Edge. So I took the cash.

And went shopping. I compared between Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO, and between the three, I pretty much settled on the OPPO R9 Plus.

Super large screen (6 inch), powerful battery (4120), fast, beautiful and easy to use. The interface reminded me of Apple's interface when I compared it to my wife's Apple 6 Plus, and the price? $759.

Close to 25% cheaper than the retail price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

But oh, so much better.

The people in the store was attentive to me, helped me to port ALL my information to the new phone so it's like I never lost anything other than the waiting to port everything which took around 20 minutes.


Thanks OPPO. Bye Samsung.

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