OMG - Ants & Roaches AVOIDED MY Peanut Butter and Protein Powder

I don't know how to put this to words about how I'm thinking, feeling or generally reacting to this, when I realized that I've accidentally left my jar of peanut butter and pack of protein shake open...and not even an ant or roach was found in them.

Not even one.

I can't tell you how as I grow older, I'm moving away from unnatural foods to more wholesome, natural foods. Slowly, I'm also cutting down on the volume of food I'm eating, as I realized that I don't really need to eat so much after all. I'm also cutting down on meats and processed stuff, and buying more whole foods such as fruits and nuts.

So when I realized that my opened jar of peanut butter and protein powder were not infested with even one ant, something clicked (or snapped) inside of me - I think if it's something that even insects/animals don't want to eat, I don't think it's something that will be good for me.

I'm dropping these processed peanut butter and protein powder from my life. It's too freaky to continue eating them. I'm pretty sure if I really have cravings for peanut butter, I can make my own peanut/almond butter. And I will gain more protein than I think from eating more fruits, vegetables and tree nuts anyway.

peanut butter
protein powder

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