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Not Smart, Just Hardworking

I'm not the smartest in the room, and I do resonate when Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki wrote in the book that changed my life:

  • not the smartest, so I cant be rich trying to become a brain or heart surgeon or top lawyer
  • not the most talented ie I can't become rich becoming a heart-throbbing singer or actor

I'm a pretty competent hand therapist and did fairly well in creating a seven-figure therapy business that did well enough to be acquired by a larger group, because I know that I'm interested in business AND business will have to be my solution to becoming rich/making more money than I had as a lowly-paid therapist (below $2000 then).

I was right.

I don't know why then, but during this sabbatical (still in sabbatical haha), I get a little more time to think and reflect, of things that I've done right, and thing's that could have been better.

why business worked for me and likely will continue to work for me (and maybe you)

First of all, it worked because I had a wonderful partner, who is my wife, who loves me and believes in me. Without her by my side, it would have been at least 100X more difficult. Thank you my love Louise.

Next, I have a family who also believe and supported me through the difficult times of ups and downs. They stood by us, and supported, and this was tremendously powerful. Thank you to my family, my wife's family, our cell group and friends who prayed and encouraged us.

We found and made friends and colleagues that referred patients to us in Urbanrehab, supported us, grew with us - thank you. Every referral and patient was a vote of confidence, and I hope that we had reciprocated and did our level best for you and your patients then.

Meditating on God's Word (Bible), spending time lingering in His presence and the Holy Spirit helped me so much to align me, teach me, ground me and helped me grow personally, professionally and in business experience, acumen, knowledge and more. God was and remains the anchor to my soul and spirit.

I was personally and professionally interested in business

interest in entrepreneurship and business

As mentioned earlier, I know that I'm not smart enough (though fairly competent, skilled and experienced hand therapist; but I won't be smarts like Mark Zuckerberg, Google founders, Warren Buffett, Ramit Sethi etc) nor talented enough to be a highly paid artist. So I chose business, cos I know I can and will learn, and continue to learn.

I've always been interested in doing good business.


  • paid tens of thousands of dollars to go for both offline and online courses and seminars to expand and improve my business knowledge and skills
  • bought, read and re-read, digested hundreds of business books and blogs (now I whittle down blogs to just a few core ones)
  • continue to network and meet new people even though on sabbatical and
  • just signed up for Amazon Publishing course that I'm looking forward to this coming weekend

I'm still interested in business, and I don't think I can ever go back to being an employee (I was an employee for a full 3 years of my life post graduation) again.

This is me.

What about you?

Where to next?

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