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I've never been good with going granular  and being ultra detailed. I am in awe and deeply respect those who can deep dive into details like the accountants and finance people and similar, but I've been pretty sure that I will not be able to do so.

Like ever.

It always never cease to amaze me how many people I come across who has to do certain things to answer to someone/group, even though the action is truly useless and mainly for show, "that something is being done".

But isn't that wasting energy and effort?

If you do something just for show that uses resources and time and effort, with no real return on investing those resources, it is a waste.

That's why I did away with resolutions or tactics-jumping, though I do have allowance for experimentation to try and error before I "on board a tried and tested tactic".

This approach flows into all aspects of my life:

  • Relationships: not all relationships are important, nor activities. I choose and prioritize the most important relationships and activities that are meaningful

  • Investment: I have finite amount to invest but I know what I want and don't want. I want to be a passive income investor whereby my investment injects money that I can use and where I don't have to monitor my investments like a full time job. Ugh.

  • Businesses: not only do I want to do and own businesses that are meaningful to me, but also with people whose relationships are meaningful to me. Even in those businesses, I don't want my staff or people to be busy headless chickens: I want them to focus on serving, retaining, attracting the top 20% of our best customers that pays for 80-90% of our revenues, and fire the ones that aren't good fit with us. Likewise, the 20% of time for the best marketing and management

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