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No Longer Writing Just On Passive Income Lifestyle

I am increasingly aware that I have multiple focus and am particularly "broad and general" in the way my brain, heart, spirit and soul is wired, and that it's become extremely difficult for me to "just" write or talk about passive income.

I mean I love making automatic and recurring passive income, but what I love more is what passive income allows me to pursue, do and be.

I love pursuing, exploring, growing, improving, learning and fine-tuning more about:

  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Passive Income
  • Freedom
  • Personal Growth
  • etc and more

And so, I am lifting the focus purely on "Passive Income Lifestyle", though I may not know exactly what to call such a broad focus.

Maybe just "personal growth" or something.


i mean, passive income and financial freedom is important and IS the basic foundation...

Building a recurring passive income that at least covers one's monthly and daily living expenses is a basic necessity and must in life, if anyone wants to level up and not be stuck where they are in life.

It is not a luxury but a simple basic necessity to truly progress.

Yes, I am aware this is not easily achievable for everyone, especially those

  • who don't give a shit about their future
  • who cannot or will not save because ____ happened
  • who are thrown/given a hard hard situation and life (yes shit happens)
  • and more

I...believe I cannot write for everyone. I cannot be all things to all people, and I know life can be challenging and hard, and I believe if we want a better life, we have to build good habits and strategy around a goal, and be consistent with it.

So, I think I will write about financial freedom or FIRE (financial independence, retire early) as the "basic foundation" of growth (other than choosing God, yourself, your spouse - if you wish to - and more, in that order).

Let me mull a little more as to how I think and organize my thoughts, feelings, taking into considerations truth, hope, love etc.

Where to next?

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