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More Changes At NigelChua.com 16th October 2018

I am simplifying NigelChua.com to focus mainly on:

  1. Earning More
  2. Saving More
  3. Investing More

I realize, after all these years, these three are the main and same stuff that I'm still talking about even after years and years, and I hadn't outgrown or gotten bored of the same topic.

Fascinating, that I'm still passionate about them (they're the actionables of the larger topic of early retirement, passive income and financial independence), because the center of my speech and thoughts has often revolved around freedom, and it starts with the simple financial independence (more on this later)

So with that,

  1. I've changed the focus of the website. The header now shows a tagline of Earn More. Save More. Invest More. Live More. - which will be the focus moving forward. We will still cover making money online, as a focus under Make More.

  2. The website is simplified and made cleaner with a simple 2 column (if you're reading from a tablet/laptop/PC), with more white space.

  3. There will be more clear sections of Core Articles, Popular Articles, 21 Days To Makeover; and these mainly cover topics relating to earning more, saving more and investing more.

big picture perspective, thinking and strategy

The way I am wired and work, is that I do very high-level and broad-based works, thinking, strategizing and consulting. So you will not find me giving to-do-lists, nor specific examples, though I will try.

I prefer a broad-based strategy, psychology, habits and systems way of doing things, which to me, makes sense, but I know it's not for everyone. Some people like lists and checklists. I don't.

I like diagrams and flowcharts and systems, which you will see more of. "Flow" makes more sense because to me, it's real, indicative of movement and direction, rather than just a grocery or to do list.

In the same vein, it's also the reason why I often struggle with the income reports or nitty-gritty of anything - I'm just not wired that way. I just know and set things/systems to work lol eg passive income from dividend stocks where "money just appears in my bank account" haha - it just works.

Where to next?

Head to Home Page

Start with these:

  1. Start Here
  2. FIRE Manifesto
  3. FIRE 101 and
  4. The Passive Income Lifestyle Framework.

They are my recommended to start with articles that ties in the entire framework, philosophy and working model of FIRE Lifestyle

Save-Earn-Invest More Articles

  1. Ruthlessly Cull Unnecessary Expenses
  2. Respect The $10s
  3. Small Tweaks To More $10s
  4. $150K+ By 35 - Reality Or Delusion?
  5. Start An Online Side Hustle With Solo Build It
  6. Start Investing For Passive Dividend Income In Just 3 Days
  7. How To Retire With $3 Million
  8. Invest To Spend On Luxury & Liabilities (Whatever You Want*)
  9. Shocking Maths Of Early Retirement (It's Less Than You Think)

See more Save, Earn & Invest More articles here.


  1. Contact me by email at (even just to say hi) at nigel@nigelchua.com
  2. See the latest articles and updates at the blog
  3. Check out my resource page to see the tools I use
  4. See my top two resources for online business below: Wealthy Affiliate (left) and Solo Build It (right) - both have very specific strengths and functions

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