My Struggle With Using My Name For, And How I Overcame It


Many don't know this, but I struggled very much, and very long, deciding if I should use my own name as the domain name. I knew that my focus and passion was to share and help individuals to:

  1. start and grow a business one actually loves
  2. grows personally and consciously
  3. live their best lives ever

But one of my deepest struggles was this sole question: could I actually use my own name (Nigel Chua) as my domain name? Ask my wonderful wife, Louise, who has been patiently listening to me ask her and myself the question above again and again and again since 2009. Logically, it makes perfect sense to use a different domain name which quickly summarizes what I do, such as Entrepreneur-Resources, Business-Startups, or for personal development related domains such as Personal-Development or something along that line.

My logical mind said it made sense, but my heart declined again and again.

When I thought logically about using, it doesn't make sense to me, because using my name doesn't make SEO or business sense at all. Yet, my heart seems to think that is enough.

Thinking deeper into it, perhaps the better question, or maybe the real question deeper down was - am I enough? Is using my name enough?

Then realization hit me - I am me. I am who I am, and is the embodiment of me - and that's all I'm offering to my readers. will have all of me, all of my mind - I am serious and sincere about helping you, my readers to

  1. start and grow a business one actually loves
  2. grows personally and consciously
  3. live their best lives ever

There will be no corporations, company name or shells in front of me and what I publish here - it'd be from the hip, heart and head. With no holds barred. That's what's approach will be.

And that's my story, how I finally decided to use my own domain name here. It's been a good four years since 2009 when I started struggling with it, but I'd say it's been definitely worth the wait.

You, my readers, are the reason why I'm here, and why I'll still be here. You're the reason I serve and write. For that, I thank you, my readers.

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