My Bucket List

Anyone with breath in them, and who desires to be successful, and who wants to make an impact with their lives – they all have a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket (hence the bucket list =p)be it personal goals or bucket list. Things to have, things to become, things to be. Things to do, places to go, people to meet. The list goes on.

You may not have a list of life goals written down (at least not yet), you might keep an immediate to-do one, some of you might have written down your long term plans and goals somewhere (they're somewhere…), but you know you have them somewhere in your mind, and your heart.

I've challenged myself yearly with resolutions, but this year, I'm challenging myself with New Year Actionables (no more resolutions – no use, action's more important). I don't always achieve them, I don't always make everything on my list, but I believe that if you're not failing at some things every month, I don't think you're trying hard enough. And plus, when I share these goals publicly, it gives me a kick in my @$$ for that extra boost and motivation to follow trough, plus some people whom I meet online can share what they know to help me through.

You know, I've bits and pieces here and there as and when I get inspired, but I know I haven't put together a comprehensive and in-depth and real bucket list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket. The most important life goals that I want to achieve – the travelling, the culture and food I want to see. Here is my list, my mix of places to visit, experiences I want to enjoy, adventures and food and cultures I want to have – this is my bucket list.

Enabling Goals

  1. Develop an online business that earns over $3000/month in passive income.

  2. Build a blog with 10,000+ subscribers.

  3. Write an guide and launch a digital product that earns $10000+.

  4. Self-publish a book (or more, but let's stick with one first, shall we?)

  5. Get an article published in the print edition of Esquire, GQ, Wired, Details, or Maxim magazine.

  6. Leverage my blog audience to make a major positive impact in at least 1000 peoples lives.

  7. Make at least $150K on passive in a given year.

  8. Complete my Personal MBA. [changed my mind - not important anymore]

  9. Attend an official TED Conference.

Adventures to Have & Things to Do

  1. Learn to rock climb in Railay Beach, Krabi.

  2. Climb up to the mountaintop Wat Tum Sua Temple in Krabi, Thailand.

  3. Learn to sail.

  4. Go skydiving. Go skydiving again. [changed my mind - not important anymore]

  5. Learn to play guitar.

  6. Achieve fluency in French.

  7. Achieve fluency in Spanish.

  8. Get a tattoo that I'd want to have [changed my mind - not important anymore]

  9. Take my parents on a trip around the world

  10. Live abroad for at least 3 months in another part of the world (more would be more awesome).

  11. Live in Edinburgh, UK

  12. Camp under the stars on the beach and see the sun rise[done]

  13. Own my own business[done]

  14. Own a 4WD. [changed my mind - not important anymore]

  15. Take a gondola along the Venice canals in Italy.

  16. Ride camel back across the Sahara desert

  17. Go to the Glastonbury Festival in England and see Stonehenge.

  18. Visit the homeland of Jesus Christ, Jerusalem.

  19. Learn a martial art (boxing would be great) [done]

  20. See the Mona Lisa

  21. Own an art museum

  22. Spontaneously walk into the airport and randomly buy a same-day ticket to wherever looks fun.

  23. Own a small bar or restaurant with live music.

  24. Start a philanthropic group and fund it for social and environmental causes

Places to Travel & Landmarks to See

  1. The ancient temples at Angkor Watt, Cambodia

  2. The Acropolis and Parthenon in Athens, Greece

  3. The Sistine Chapel and Vatican City in Rome, Italy

  4. The pyramids at Giza, Egypt

  5. The home of the Oracle at Delphi, Greece

  6. The Taj Mahal

  7. The ancient city of Petra, carved into canyon walls in southern Jordan

  8. The Karnak temple and the Valley of the Kings near Luxor, Egypt

  9. The Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza near Cancun, Mexico

  10. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

  11. The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [done]

  12. The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines

  13. The Borobudur stuppa in Java, Indonesia

  14. Gorgeous Zion National Park, Utah

  15. Niagara Falls lit up at night

  16. Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet

  17. Jerusalem's Old City

  18. The abbey of Mont-St-Michel in France

  19. Go to northen hemisphere and see the Northern Lights

  20. The New Jerusalem

I think it's important that when you make your own bucket list and list down some personal goals, you'd need to realize and recognize the big wins and big things (and the small things too) that you've already done and that you've always dreamed of, and include a few goals that you can start off strong and that will keep you on the road. I included a few goals that I've reached too.

Over time, I think my expectations and thinking and feelings about the goals on this list may change. I may not be able to achieve everything, I may take away some things that I might think is not important anymore, or I may add more. But, it's a start, and if I should forget or get lost in the business, it will a reference point for me to remind me again what I'd want to achieve.

Of course, if there's anything you can help me achieve, or something you want to join in on with me, leave me a message or a comment and we'd get in touch. Or, if you enjoy what I do here in, click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button to donate and help support what I do here. Now if you already have a bucket list, share it here with me, if not, read the articles I linked to and get to it!

Our time here is short, so remember to have fun and make most of what we have.

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