My #1 Recommendation Tool For Online Success: Solo Build It (SBI)

Side Note: I have been using SBI since 2009, and in the old days, they were called Site Build It; but they renamed it to Solo Build It in 2017 to move away from the concept of being “just a site builder” and more towards helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs build a business (hence the new name of Solo Build It).

Side Note 2: After signing up to AffiloJetPack, I had to rename this Solo Build It moreso as a very strong SEO (search engine optimisation) website platform that works very well with good and solidly researched and written articles marketing. SBI also has a wonderful and indepth action guide.

AffiloJetPack on the other hand is about outsourced affiliate marketing businesses, with 18 tested-and-proven $100+ million niches and they get you going quick with pre-written articles and lots of outsource stuff (including the very useful 90+ pre-written autoresponder emails).

I'll come up with a review for that a bit later, but fundamentally AffiloJetPack gets your affiliate marketing business and making money online faster than SBI using pre-written emails. Long term I may integrate BOTH what I learnt from SBI and AJP for the best of both worlds.

I'm comfortable and happy to recommend AffiloJetPack.

Since I started tabulated the very positive first year results with Solo Build It!, I am very much more confident and positive to recommend SBI!, as now not only do I have the testimonies of others, I also am a testimony for SBI! personally.

If you’ve signed up for it, you’re well on your way to starting your own online business and I’m excited for you and please do keep in touch with me to let me know how things goes for you.

If you're still on the fence, I know and understand how it can be daunting to make a call. It may be about the $299 annual cost, or it can be making a decision. Whatever it is, you have a 3-month period to try if you like it or can follow through, and if you can't, you can get a full money back guarantee. If you request a refund in the 4th month onwards, it'd be pro-rated.

Of course I don't recommend you request for refund or think about it so much (I don't care for the affiliate commission I get or don't get), but what I have realized is that most businesses, online or offline, takes about 1-2 years+ for it to become stable in terms of revenues, so if you quit within 3 months or 1 year, your online business may not reach its full potential.

The general consensus and agreement about SBI! and their successful owners is that the Solo Build It system works for those who work it. I know I did (I did a massive and intensive two month monster website creation of about 200 pages for my in April-May 2011) to get the results I did. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it wont help you quit your day job tomorrow, but it is a rather effective way to start generating you a fairly good bit of supplementary income, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per site per month, and it’s definitely possible to make more than $10K a month if you wish to do so.

A number of people assumes mistakenly that Solo Build It is only a self-publishing tool to put your own content online, like a web hosting or blog hosting service.

That’s really only a very small fragment of what SBI! does, and in fact, it’s not even the most important part. In this article I’ll do my best to clarify what is SBI!, what it does, who it is for and what you can achieve.

What Is Solo Build It?

In my opinion, I think the best way to describe Solo Build It is really to compare and liken it to college or university course in online business, where the main class project is to create your own income-generating website.

You will be given the education (the 10-Day Action Guide) to guide you through the process; you will receive the tools and materials you require to put it together; and you will be with a bunch of classmates who will be able to communicate with you through the forums, and classroom “monitors” and “moderators” to guide the more technical aspects, and of course, the “Dean” would be Ken Evoy.

All the tools they provide will handle all the technical and technicalities for you, so you don’t have to become an expert or master web programmer. You don’t even have to learn HTML or use an FTP program to upload stuff. Everything you need to do can be done through an online/web interface. If you like, you could actually build an entire (or several) SBI! sites working from a computer in a library..or using your laptop whilst traveling.

Solo Build It teaches you to focus on income-generating activities whilst building your website. It helps you to focus and adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur and business-person, not just someone who just think it’s kinda cool to post their content somewhere on the internet.

The whole goal of Solo Build It is for you to build a website that makes you money. See a video tour of SBI! here.

There are more than 30 tiertary education centers including universities and colleges teaching SBI!, and more courses are on the way. SBI! gives schools a way to teach their business students (such as those who are in MBA programs) real world experience in building a functional online business without having to become an expert or master web programmer or HTML Jedi.

What to Expect When You Sign Up for Solo Build It – The First 10 Days

10 Day Action Guide: The first thing that will happen when you sign up for Solo Build It is that you will be doing lots of reading. You will receive their step-by-step Action Guide, which breaks down the actions that you need to take day by day. Take this Action Guide as the textbook you receive to learn how to build a successful online business. They even have video version of many of the lessons, so if you’re an audiovisual learner, you can watch instead of read.

Topic selection and keyword research: so once you’ve done some reading and/or watching the video version of the action guide, your first real action step will be to brainstorm ideas for your website and to research on potential topics. SBI! provides a brainstorming tool for you to use as well as keyword research tools. This brainstorming tool will even help you to generate your keywords that you need to build your website. You will research and investigate keywords – their supplies, demands and potential profitability. You will be guided to pick a topic that you are interested in or have passion for but also must be able to generate decent income for you. This means that you will reject ideas for topics that don’t have demand or already has a lot of competition. This is really a very important start because it will help you avoid launching a website that was doomed from the beginning. Many online business owners and bloggers I know could have saved themselves from much grief if only they took the time to carefully research their topics beforehand.

Monetization strategy: The next step would be to plan out how your website would make money. You would need to consider what mix or ratio of advertising, affiliate programs, product sales, e-commerce, auctions, referral fees, membership sites and other income sources will work best for the type of business and website that you’re going to build. You will be guided to make intelligent choices and decisions at this phase to generate multiple streams of income from your website instead of just randomly putting up ads.

Domain name registration: Once you’ve made all these decisions using the tools and guidance of Solo Build It, you’re then ready to register your domain name. SBI! also provides the tools and platform for this, and your domain name is part of your SBI! membership, so there are no extra fees. Once you get here, you’re already at Day 5 in their Action Guide.

Build the site skeleton: Here on you will then tap on their tools to build the framework for your site. They will help you to build your About Us page, Disclaimer page, Privacy Policy and other standard pages, so you don’t have to worry about those. You also don’t have to worry about making mistakes such as broken links. You will add a basic amount of content to your site, and you’ll be educated on the very important concept of pre-selling.

Early traffic building: By the end of the first week, you will use SBI’s tools to submit your website to various and multiple online directories and search engines, so you can start picking up free inbound links. You will also learn a lot about effective traffic building strategies for the long term.

Making your site sticky: By week 2 you will learn how to build relationships with your visitors, so that you can create a “sticky” website with consistent repeat traffic. You will also learn about RSS feeds, contact forms and e-zines. Solo Build It provides all the tools you need to add these to your site and you don’t have to program them yourself. Want to offer your visitors a free newsletter? The whole subscription management service you need is included.

Learning to effectively manage your online business: The lessons and business building process continues with learning about search engines, how to add images to your site and checking your traffic stats (what to look for and how you can use this information and data to your advantage).

Making money: Day 10 is the part that we often tingle with excitement. You will turn your baby site to a income-generating website – this is where you put up the advertisements, affiliate links etc based on the monetization mix you decided earlier. You may not have much traffic yet, so your income may be low/minimal at first, but you’ll have what you need in place to start earning money as your traffic grows.

Growing your traffic and income. After monetizing your website, you will continue to refine your site, build up and out the content, and gradually grow your traffic. In the mid to long term, this is where you’ll spend most of your time – building a solid foundation for future performance.

Support and encouragement: Solo Build It's style is very nurturing, encouraging and motivating. If you visit their website, it’s usually quite obvious. This is not just their “sales style” – it’s them. That the way they serve and communicate as well. Even with the tools and guidance and support they provide, building an online business still requires a significant and huge commitment on your part, so they do what they can to keep you motivated and moving progressively forward towards your end goal.

Ongoing advice: SBI! provides members-only discussion forum for every part of the building an online business process as well as direct customer support, so if you need more help or guidance, it’s often just a click away. Their customers are really big into co-mentoring, to the point of giving each other virtual group hugs on the forums, which is pretty nice. =)

An example is they have a “Submit a Site for Review” forum, where you can post a link to your new site and ask for feedback from other Solo Build It owners – this way you can get some eyeballs on your website and online business from people who are much further along the road than you to share with you their opinions and feedback which often helps to propel you forward. As SBI! sites tends to be very niche, most members are not often competitors, so they’d be more than happy to help.

I hop that by now it becomes pretty obvious that Solo Build It is a lot more than just a self-publishing tool like a blog. I’d say it’d rank a lot more like an online college course in online marketing/business.

I’ve mentioned before, if you’re an experienced web developer who already knows all this, then you don’t need SBI! You’ve already have your education and experience the hard way. But for $29.99 a month, I think it’s an outstanding deal for most people.

By the way, Solo Build It!s website has an Alexa ranking of 500, putting it in the top 500 websites in the world. This is a very, very popular service, and for good reason. For every experienced web developer who has no need for SBI!, there are scores of others who’d love to supplement their income with a profitable online business…but they feel scared and limited by technicalities. SBI! removes those technical hurdles for them, making an online business very much more accessible to a lot more people.

To build a successful online business, you don’t need to master HTML, CSS, Javascript or programming. You’re better off by delegating those tasks/part of the business to someone else, so that you can focus on the core or the more critical income-generating activities instead of wrestling with underlying technology.

A Sample Solo Build It! Website

An example of an actual SBI!-built website is This site was created by myself. It’s nothing complicated, not flashy. It’s very basic, providing a fair amount of content on a very narrow and niche topic, which is physiotherapy.

At first glance you may completely miss and dismiss it, but this site has generated $1701 per month every month from April 2011 to April 2012 for us. Mostly the income comes from sales of physiotherapy and hand therapy services from enquiries and search by patients looking for therapy solutions for their pain in Singapore. As long as there are people with pain, it’s likely that this website will keep generating us income.

You can definitely use Solo Build It! to make more sharp and sleek looking websites if you like. Your design is often only limited by your imagination, not by the tools. And you can always use your own design tools if you prefer.

Here’s a page where you can flip through a quick slide show of several Solo Build It! sites: SBI Real World Samples. You’ll see pictures and case studies of real people, with real websites and real results. Most of their websites are in the Alexa top 200,000 websites in the world.

What many people don’t understand is that if you want to make money online, you don’t really have to be a technological wizard or a web design expert. Obsessing over these details will only limit your progress. Would you rather people visit your site and say “Whoa! Nice!” or would you rather a regular looking website that actually brings in decent income?

Okay, to generate income you probably don’t want a truly ugly website, but it also doesn’t have to be ultra gorgeous – it just have to be presentable and functional. Though you can use SBI! to create a visually beautiful site, I would suggest that you focus your efforts on the 20% of critical income generating activities that generate 80% of the finances. Get it done, add solid content and get it generating income for you – you can always improve your design later if necessary. If you do it the other way round, you’d probably not get very far and give up.

There are a lot of other SBI! sites that has/is generating solid incomes for their owners using a wide variety of monetization strategies and approaches. While Google Adsense is a fairly reliable way to generate income, it’s not the only option. In fact, in many cases, it’s not even the best option.

Who Should Use Solo Build It!, and Who Shouldn’t?

Solo Build It! is a great choice for someone who wants to build an income-generating online business in their spare time, but don’t have the technical skills, focus or willingness to do it on their own from scratch.

With Solo Build It! I wouldn’t say and expect you to build the next mega-super-duper project. If you want to have a blog on your website or a forum or some dynamic content, SBI! supports that. But the main focus and purpose is for you to build small, very tight and focused income generating websites.

Such websites provide value to people by sharing good quality content, and they in turn generate income from a variety of intelligent monetization strategies. You’ll probably wont be aiming to build a top 20,000 Alexa ranking website…probably aiming for a top 300,000 – 500,000 website.

With SBI! you won’t be aiming for massive amounts of general traffic, but a very tight and smaller niche of highly targeted visitors, like how my website focuses on people with pain in Singapore.

It may not be likely that you’d earn five figures a month from a single site, but many SBI! owners have already reached that level. I’d say that realistically, you can build a website that generates hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for you. I know for sure that may be a solid goal for some people. There are no guarantees in life, but if you work the SBI! system as instructed, consistently, I’d say you’ve got a fairly good shot at making a decent profit and enjoying passive income stream for years to come.

One of the cool things about building a profitable website is that once you’ve made it, it usually become very easy to maintain, and it’d still make you money even if you let it be or slide for a while. An example is my physiotherapy website – the last time I added content to it was in May 2011, but up till today I have been receiving calls and enquiries and sales from clients who finds us online. Of course, I’m not about to abandon the site, I just want to emphasize that it’s really nice to own an income generating asset that you can count on for years to come. I’m pretty sure that it’d make a good price to sell too, should I decide to sell it at a later point in time.

Many SBI! owners create multiple Solo Build It! sites with different themes and businesses, which makes excellent sense to me. The more seeds that you sow, the more chances of a good fruit-bearing plant. Even if one of your seeds was eaten, rotted or died, you may still generate some income, just not as much as you had hoped…which is a disappointment most people can live with.

Your investment with regards to time and money in this case is not a lot, compared to the potential rewards. You’ll risk much, much more by taking a regular college course, where you’ll likely to be taught outdated impractical info you’d never use in the real world. At least with Solo Build It!, you know you’re learning practical, grounded skills you can apply immediately to your benefit.

But if your ultimate goal is to be a top-500 blogger or to build a super-monster website that’d put your face on the cover of Fortune magazine, then I won’t recommend Solo Build It! to you. In that case I’d recommend that you bite the bullet and invest your life, time and efforts into mastering the technical side or at least hire someone who does.

But this is very, very hard if you want to make substantial income, and the kind of business that SBI! will encourage you to make is much more practical, accessible and doable for most people. Also, you don’t have to commit to working hard on your business every week for years and years to come.

If you happen to be a work-at-home-mom (WAHM), Solo Build It! has a page on their site just for you, based on their experience with other WAHMs who has started successful Site Build It! businesses.

Tip: SBI! also has a special finder page to help you quickly decide/determine if you’re the kind of person to succeed with their service – take it as a “Sorting Hat” from the Harry Potter series.

Just click on the link on that page that best describes your particular situation (student, work at home, have a struggling website, offline business owner, retired etc). This is a good place to go if you want to quickly rule them out as not a good fit for you, or you may find a match and see that other people are already succeeding with situations similar to yours.

Does It Actually Work?

Yes, only if you work it.

If you think you're “going to try” and not really commit…sorry, it wont work. Like every other success in life – it takes research, determination and consistent effort for success to happen.

Solo Build It! is great at coaching people to build websites that reach the top 1-3% traffic wise. They even have solid proof their SBI! websites reaching top 1-3% of this on their website, with a lengthy list of which customers who has already achieved this goals, including URLs, screen shots, Alexa rankings.

Check it out at Solo Build It! Results.

When it comes to online business, income is primarily a function of traffic. If you get the traffic, you make the money. For most people, building traffic is the key limiting factor, and this is where Site Build it! can help you tremendously.

Okay, I don’t want to give you unrealistic expectations, but many of SBI! customers do earn $10,000+ per month from their sites. You can use Solo Build It! to make a very successful site if you’re really passionate about it, but I know from experience that most people don’t really aim that high.

But those goals are doable and achievable if you’re committed.

Of course Solo Build It!! includes a full money back guarantee, so the risk falls entirely on them to prove themselves to you. The best part is that even if you request a refund, you get to keep the domain name you registered, so that’s actually even better than just a regular money-back guarantee – you get a free domain name just for trying it.

Final Thoughts

I’m probably turning into a bit of a super-advocate and salesperson for Solo Build It! but because I do believe that this is a real and great deal for a lot of people. Not only will building your own online business give you a massive leap forward in your finances, it can also help you achieve the “bigger” and “more” important goals in life, which is up to you to decide – be it spending more time with your loved ones, being more generous, retiring to a cottage – whatever.

If you’d like to learn more about Solo Build It, click on this link, be sure to read my earlier review, or just go straight to their Home Page and check it out.

PS: At the heading of this article, I mentioned that SBI was initially known as Site Build It when I first started using it way back in 2009, and in 2017, they rebranded themselves as Solo Build It to emphasize more on their deliverable: helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs build businesses.

But a small part of me miss the old name of Site Build It, though I embrace the more accurate and visionary name of Solo Build It. And I believe it's gonna be a game changer for you like how it changed my life and my business. Have a think and go for it – stay the course, put in the dedicated and consistent hard work, and reap the benefits. Thank yourself years later.

PPS: AffiloJetPack will help you get your online business and making money online much quicker than Solo Build It, and I highly recommend you to buy and use. I personally use it myself. It is much more pricey at USD 997 compared to SBI's yearly $299 per site BUT it helps you build 5 WordPress-powered websites with all the contents, 90+ email autoresponder emails per niche you choose etc – it is a bargain for what it delivers.

That's what I'm doing now =)

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