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Modifying Keto Diet With Some Elements Of Slow Carb Diet

I've been trying to have a as-keto-as-possible diet (ie convenient and lazy keto), but truth to be told, it's often challenging for me. I'm Asian/Chinese, and with 2 young kids (4 years old and 2 years old at this point in writing), so:

  1. we have lots of carbs (think rice, bread, noodles in soup or dry forms)
  2. the kids love my spaghetti bologna
  3. I LOVE MY BURGERS, bun and all
  4. ...and I find it hard to discard food

So for #4, what I do is that I try to eat keto-ish food for meals with them eg I'd cook my eggs with shredded parmesan (gosh, I love me some cheese), and then I'll eat with them during dinner which weekdays are tingkat (1 soup, 1 vege, 1 meat and 1 more fish/seafood/tofu dish), and I usually struggle when they don't finish their meal (we don't force them to eat up everything), so...I tend to struggle with finishing leftover.

Weekday mornings are easy, cos I just take

  • 3 fried eggs
  • 1 pan fried tofu
  • 1 cup of teh si kosong (no sugar)

And that's good to go.


Recently I've been thinking that keto only works when one is in ketosis. It's a ketogenic-metabolism driven lifestyle, and if I'm out/not in ketosis often...then what's the point? Lazy keto also at least has some ketosis.

Perhaps, during this season of my life, it's a little hard due to having 2 young kids?

I also started re-reading articles on Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb Diet (SCD), and also there are hundreds if not thousands who lost a bunch of weight (and kept them off). What was more fascinating to me about this slow carb diet is:

Tim Ferriss WAS on keto diet for 2 years, 1998 to 1999. He then switched/tested/?invested slow carb diet and has been on it since 2000 (that's 18 years at this point in writing) - I am questioning why (Tim Ferriss to me is always very functional and life hacker style, there must be a reason.

Another thing is that I don't want the keto issues:

  • having to pee on dipsticks to ensure ketosis or don't go into keto-acidosis
  • keto flu
  • keto breath
  • I did wonder if having lower energy is result of not being in ketosis

I dug a little more into slow carb diet, and I realize it's sort of a lazy keto-ish diet, a variant? of sorts, because it advocates:

  • OK to fish, meats, seafood
  • OK to greens and vege
  • NO to fruits
  • OK to introduce some slow carbs eg legumes, sweet potatoes but big NO to white carbs like flour, bread, pasta, rice
  • NO drinking calories (up to 1-2 cups of wine daily is ok, 1 can of diet soda allowed per day), drink lots of water
  • NO dairy eg cheese (except cottage cheese), milk, soy - any dairy
  • eat slowly ie 30 min per meal
  • generally low carbs and high proteins and some fats

I will miss my dairy and cheese cos I love them both, but he explained that dairy and soy may influence our metabolism, so I am interested to check that out if dairy has been messing with my body.

I'm not a big fan of legumes and beans though I'm aware that having some calories from there may increase my energy, but I don't crave it or think my energy is too low, and I'm cautious of stomach gas/discomfort but I am open to try it.

Slow carb diet doesn't count calories so I like it because I'm bad with counting calories (lazy too) and that it will mean I don't go hungry (yesssss). I don't really eat much fruits though I do buy some for kiddos and wifey, but I don't crave them (thank goodness).

The slow carb diet as according to Tim also says to not overexercise, ie not more than 30 min per day or something, so I may have to scale back some (nah, will keep exercising haha, but I'm not a super crazy exercise guy).

I'm currently 36 years old and 90-95 kilograms, and I think my healthy weight range is between 70-80 kg, so I'm targeting a 15 kilogram weight loss over the next 1 year (assuming I weight 95 kg today). I want to be leaner, with less flab, more tight/cut body, sharper mind and more confidence too body wise.

Keep you posted =)

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