Missing Uncle Lai Boon

It's strange. As I sit in church on Christmas day 2013, I suddenly remembered Uncle Lai Boon.

He is one of the church elders of JB Wesley, and is one of most memorable people I recall often and fondly of. Then again, he may be one of the people I am truly very fond of.

"Nigel, you've gained weight again."

Uncle Lai Boon would tell me this each time we meet again, in JB Wesley church, to my repeated horror.  Now that I think about it, I think it's how he kept teasing haha.

Uncle Lai Boon was called to be with our heavenly Father God two years ago. He battled cancer, which slowly stole his life away.

I hated that.

Yet, he kept smiling, kept assuring everyone, and he did his best. That made it particularly difficult. For me at least.

Uncle Lai Boon, I miss you. I am sorry I wasn't able to spend more time getting to know you more. In a way, I am glad that we're all Christians - I know for sure that I can meet up with you again in heaven.

Have a blessed Christmas, I'm quite sure that you're having a good time with Jesus directly in heaven.

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