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Mini Early Retirement Experiences

As I transition out of my decade-long business that was acquired by a larger business and having served out my bond that ended in 2017...I am slowly remembering what I enjoy doing, and finding out more what I like over time, which includes:

  • spend time with wife and 2 kids (maybe one more? =D)
  • spend time blogging
  • I wanna try my hands in publishing
  • I wanna spend more time on NigelChua.com (yes this site) in writing articles, growing readership and income and more
  • cryptocurrency research, investing and trading
  • read
  • and more

Today, I took a trip to Ikea with my wife, and I found myself being more attentive, mindful and enjoying the experience of just:

  • walking with her
  • talking with her
  • holding hands
  • just spending time chit chatting ideas

...just enjoying my wife's company.

I mindfully kept my phone away as often as I can, until I find her busy with her phone (she's way busier than me) and I just try to soak in the moment, the presence, and enjoy.

I love this.

I love this.

This makes me happy.

Then it dawned on me.

i'm actually having a mini early retirement experience, actually

...and I love it.

Of course, I am still mindful of what some of my personal aspirations are, which I wrote above.

But, experiencing these moments - I...finally understand what some form of early retirement and freedom is.

I mean, I still worry about money, because we're not totally having more than enough right now, but as long as we keep costs low, we'd be ok for a while longer.

I still need to hit my big hairy audacious financial goals:

  • SGD 2,000,000 invested in dividend stocks with average 5% returns per annum by 45
  • SGD 2,000,000 in cryptocurrency
  • Owning, affording and living in a landed property in Singapore (or relocated to another country without worry of money) by 40
  • Publish at least one book by 40 years old
  • Online businesses serve readers and clients well (ie readers make more money, have happier/freer life etc), and website makes SGD 10,000 per month
  • Ongoing: spend more quality time with children, wife, family, bible, God (qualitative relationship goal)

But, I am happier.

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