Maths Test Dream

I had an interesting dream last night, where I dreamt I was taking/took a maths test, which I failed miserably, scoring a magnificent 0/14.

It was a single sheet of paper, with 6 questions in the front page (to make space for name and IC I believe) and another 8 questions on the next page. I remember bits and pieces of some of the maths questions, which I roughly recall one of the questions to have something to do with:

"if 5 + 4 is _________, count in multiplications of 65"

Or something like that.

I can also remember details of fellow test takers, which include some of my old primary school friends and some whose faces are not clear in the dream. Following the result of the failure, we were "given" a second chance to discuss the questions and to answer the questions as a group into an open book exam, where we all scrambled to discuss with each other the questions and possible solutions, leading to us and I mean myself scoring a sweet pass.


That woke me up, and I lay in bed for a couple of minutes with my heart racing and blood pumping because of the events of the dream, and went back to sleep again. When I woke up, I had forgotten about the dream I had, but I recalled it in the MRT as I was traveling with Louise, and I shared with her the details.

I Google searched "I dreamt of failing a maths test" and found an interesting analogy/interpretation of my dream, and I've handpicked one that caught my eye:

Math Test Stumps Me Dream


Failing a Math Test


I have a math test and can't answer any of the questions.

Felt How:


Main Life Issues:

As a sixty-year-old in current economy, I am anxious about finances.

Story Line:

Someone is faced with something they don't feel they can deal with.

Main Symbol:

Math Test: Questions that need to be answered related to finances.

What it Means:

The dream mirrors your anxiety as you wonder if you'll have enough for retirement etc. Dreams are a digestion system for feelings; this one is trying to help you digest your fears and points out how stressed the topic makes you feel, which may be counterproductive. Bottom Line: The future can seem scary, but most things are not as bad as they appear or as bad as we think they'll be. As you look at future options, finds ways to alleviate stress and talk to others in similar positions who have made their way.

It's taken from a website called Interpret My Dream (click on the link to go to the page with my Maths Dream).

Thinking about it, the past couple of days has got me thinking about the operations and finances of the revamped and renovated clinic as well as the finances for Urbanrehab, and yes, I had been a little worried recently because of increased costs (our renovations one-time off costs, as well as higher rental cost as we've taken over the clinic), naturally, I got a little worried.What's interesting in the later part of my dream is how we got a second chance in an open book exam style, and how we got together as a team to problem solve the math questions (analogous to financial challenges) together as a team.

I presume it's my subconscious speaking about the solution to our financial challenges is by working synergistically with people, together in a common direction to grow together.

Honestly, by logic and faith I can trust and foretell that we would be sound financially within a couple of months; it's my emotions that betray me and cause me to worry. I'm not saying both are invalid, both may be true and valid, and despite the fear, I have decided to take faith and take charge and press in onwards towards a positive and good future, that all will work out in the end (or within six months).

So that's my take on my Maths Dream yesterday. Do you have any dreams that has stumped, boggled or inspired you? Do share with me.

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