Master A Formula Then Move On To The Next

When you find a formula or technique that you want to learn, focus on learning that one at one time, master it, THEN move on. Do not make the classic mistake of trying to learn everything, and then sink under the weight of all the information. Too many people try to learn and do too many things at the same time, which multiples the risks of confusion, errors and ultimately, despair and giving up. Just learn and do one at a time.

Have you heard of this statement "You are what you eat"?

I'm pretty sure you have, and this statement is very true, not only in the gastronomical sense, but true also in the mental and intellectual sense. Whatever you put into your heard via books, words of others, videos and teachings, you tend to become as well. An example is if you constantly surround yourself with people who are powerful Passive Income Internet Business (PIIB) owners and Passive Income Investing (PII) Investors, you tend to learn from them their experience and knowledge and become increasingly confident.

On the opposite side, if you love hanging out with a group of people who is constantly negative and sees that no matter what they do, they'll forever be where they're at, so they just stay where they're at - so if you're hanging out with these bunch of people, you will become like them as you take in their conversation matters.

That is why you have to be very careful with not only what you seek to learn, but also who you choose to hang out with, because you will become what you allow into your head.

When it comes to business and money, most people have a single understanding due to what they had learnt in school and from each other - that is, to go to school, study hard and get a job. And then work for money. This is their only formula for making money. Some pick up some investing on the side, and some do a little of freelancing on the side, but generally most of the population today gets up in the morning, go to work and earn money, pay their bills, balance their accounts, buy toys and maybe some investments and then go back to work.

If you're tired of that, or if you want to make more, then this formula has to change. You cannot do the same stuff and expect different results. During my first year of my studying my therapy, I picked up a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, and therein I read and re-read about the fundamentals of how to become rich was to learn to build or acquire assets that puts money in my pocket; anything that takes money out of my pocket is essentially liabilities, and to me, I wanted to build and acquire lots and lots of assets.

And because I didn't have any money to invest a lot into stocks and shares or companies then, but all I had was grit and determination, so I could the route of the entrepreneur. I couldn't afford going for any sort of classes or courses on entrepreneurship, so I read and re-read Rich Dad, and often went to the library to pick up books on marketing, sales, entrepreneurship - whatever I could lay my hands on and devour.

In 2008 I forayed into the world of private practice, but started at the simplest form, which was locumming and freelancing; and slowly worked my way up. In 2010, I went for a course on mastering my money, and there I learnt a few simple formulas about money and myself. I learnt why making more way important to me, and I learnt about synergy and I learnt about not losing money - all these led to me building seven figure healthcarepreneur business as well as getting back money that was owed to me.

In 2015 I started foraying into larger scale and complexity of my private physiotherapy and rehab practice, so I started reading different books on operational management, people management, larger-scale marketing and sales, processes etc which I am regularly practicing by experimenting in the business - whichever that works, I ramp and scale up; whichever doesn't I terminate.

At the same time, I forayed into:

  • Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) - I paid thousands to attend different courses, purchase online trainings and techniques, and applied them slowly and experimented more and more.

  • Passive Income Investing (PII) - I attended several different courses, read different books and blogs, I moved from identifying with technical analysis to super-stable index investing to finally deciding on the more pragmatic income investing approach, due to my understanding and long term perspective of 20, 30 years ahead.

My feeling and vision into the future is that income will become increasingly important as I age, and I will prefer to be invested into very safe dividend stocks in very safe industries, that may be slow moving but is extremely safe. And after reaching this conclusion on the type of investor I will be or am, I will focus future courses and seminars that is centred around this idealogy.

As I mastered formulas, then I moved on to other formulas, be it via books, courses, networking lunches, coffee or seminars. I may not learn a lot during each time, but I always either picked up something new to add to my arsenal of formulas or rekindled/renewed memory of a formula I wanted to revisit. I do this again and again to search for better and better formulas and ideas, but the basic always remains: master one formula first, then move on to the next.

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