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June 17th 2019 New Chapter In Life

I'd like to share with you that I have fully exited my previous business (physiotherapy and hand therapy business) which I co-founded and hustled from 2008-2017, which was acquired by a larger outfit. I miss all the clinicians and ops whom I had worked with, and all the life, entrepreneurship and social lessons I learnt along the way.

Ops and clinicians, I love you lots, miss you loves and am glad that we had met our business goals together.

Between Dec 2017 to June 2019, I took a sabbatical time-out, to spend time doing things totally unrelated to therapy business: spending much of my time taking Olivia to school and having unrushed breakfast with her (gosh awesome) and then caring for my 2nd one before he was 18 months (pre-school starts at 18 months) as my wife went on to start her new therapy venture.

Oh Olivia, those sabbatical days where I could leisurely take you to school, have breakfast with you are so precious to me. Don't grow up too quickly on me now.

Oh David, all those days before your pre-school and me taking care of you and spending time with you during my sabbatical...are also so precious to me.

Heck, I even managed to squeeze in attending a publishing training, published some public-domain Seneca philosophy books (taken down recently to focus on creating original works - update you all soon!) and spent much time reading, praying and exploring other businesses such as NAQI, NalcoHealth, HeatPackPro and a few others - it was truly fun - I thank God, my wife, family and friends for their love and support for me.

I am blessed to have so much love, God, family, friends and more who believe in me.

As A Chapter Ends, Another Chapter Begins...And This Time, It's A Life Project. And I Invite You To Join Me In This Adventure And Journey Of Life.

I have officially ending my sabbatical and have recently gone back to work at one of my core strengths, which is hand therapy and therapy business management.

Leaving my previous setup in its entirety is a 100% right move after achieving my business goals and sabbatical and I'd do it again in a heartbeat without any hesitation, despite me missing the beloved clinicians and ops team but this is a story for another article =)

I recently joined Phoenix Rehab Group (phoenixrehabgroup.com) as a senior hand therapist and director, and I am extremely excited and happy to be able to work with people I love hanging out with, grow personally and commercially with as well as to build an awesome culture with.

As a senior hand therapist, what I do is treat patients with hand/finger/wrist injuries such as fractures, ligamental strains, tendon inflammations or cuts by stabilizing acute/painful injuries, strengthening stable injuries and providing pain relief. Read more of my hand therapy profile here: phoenixrehabgroup.com/nigel.html

As a director of Phoenix Rehab, my key responsibilities and role is to direct and strategize the systematic, sustainable and scalable profits and market growth of Phoenix Rehab's key performance indicators as a specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation group.

My three director-level ongoing focus and goals for Phoenix Rehab:

  1. to build and grow key partners and key referral accounts as well as to explore and grow future referral and growth sources;

  2. to build, refine and ensure sound operational processes from front end to back end with to maximize profitability and minimize financial/operational waste;

  3. to seek and retain high level experienced orthopedic and musculoskeletal physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals who are self motivated, dynamic and experts in their own fields who are looking for a dynamic, transparent, sincere and growth-oriented rehab group to grow with

Do let me know if I/my team is able to serve your physiotherapy needs (we specialize in treating bone, muscle and joint pains - see the conditions we treat here: phoenixrehabgroup.com/conditions.html) and/or if there is any opportunity to work together.

For physiotherapy and hand therapy appointments, contact me at nigel@phoenixrehabgroup.com or whatsapp me at +6598734073 if you have any enquiries, and I'll do my best to serve you

Phoenix Rehab will be one of my 2-3 life projects for the long term, so we'd be here to serve and grow with you.

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