Insurance Invisible Scripts: A Life Story

This story is not a new one, and it will always be an on-going one.

Couple of months back, one of our buddies shared on Facebook that they needed to do clinical pilates/outpatient therapy treatment that doesn't burn a hole in their pockets.

So of course, being in this industry since 2005, I connected with them and introduced to them what we do (we co-founded Urbanrehab, which is a specialist physiotherapy and rehab group in Singapore that only has specialist therapists) and explained to them what we can do for them and stuff - so this is good.

And then, because I often want them to tap onto insurance to cover the expenses, so I asked them if they had insurance (personal accident plan to be exact), and they said they didn't have, and they explained that they don't have because of one them works in a hospital (hence the one that works in hospital don't need) and the other doesn't have. They also have a wonderful baby around Olivia's age - also don't have.

So...out of concern, I shared with them that they should consider getting personal accident plan for ALL of them because of the following reasons:

  • the one who is working in hospital, coverage only WHEN they are still working in the hospital - if they leave, this coverage is gone forever. Hospital wait time is very long (think 3 - 6 months, 2 months if you're lucky) and and range of services of specialist therapists is limited

  • the other one and baby who don't have a personal accident plan - definite needs one each too

  • the price is pretty affordable, at about $40 per month

Then I got a super reply, and they said this:

We do understand the concept of accident plan so it's OK thanks ? and it's our personal decision whether to get it or not

I was like WOAH - ok, sorry. Maybe I was too worried and shared too much too fast, and didn't connect with them properly on why this is truly important? Intellectually, "THEY KNOW", but yet, so many people "know" but don't do it.


  • I know I shouldn't eat these (eating the 20th donut in a row)

  • I know I should go gym (never been to gym in the last 12 months)

  • I know I should save more, invest more (but continues to lose money doing stuff that they don't care about)

Frankly, being in this industry since 2005, I HAVE SEEN COUNTLESS OF PEOPLE who have pain but cannot pay, so they need to go and wait their turn in the hospital (estimate days to appointment is between 3 months to 6 months, and even then, each time they go, they need to wait between 30 minutes to 2+ hours for their turn. Most patients give up because of long wait times, and have poorer outcomes.

And many just decide to live with pain...and these pain become chronic because wasn't well managed or wasn't managed early.

Interestingly, "we know" but tend not to do it, and it's not because we're stupid or what - it's often because of our invisible scripts. Invisible scripts, like its name, means that it's invisible, and its the 'de-facto' decision we take and make. Like when we see a beautiful donut and we know we shouldn't eat it but our salivary glands start to salivate and our minds start to automatically tell ourselves "how hard we've worked" and "it's just $2.50" and then we find ourselves munching on it.

For them, the only way to get around that is to speak to someone like myself who can show them that with right insurance coverage, they can get:

  • top specialist therapists taking care of them

  • with an appointment in less than 1 week

  • and wait time less then 2 minutes in the waiting area

  • and 96+% of our patients get better/super within 6 weeks

"We know" - this is the classic invisible script that drives many of us today, and not in the right direction. Thing is, we often do not talk about invisible scripts or things that we struggle with because it's either something we don't think about or, it's something we don't talk about because it's embarrassing.

Ok then, let me be the weirdo uncle and initiate/do this talking then. I don't mind.

For me, I realized as I grow older, I become increasingly sharper and focus on what is important and what isn't, because I realize that I have finite time and energy on this earth, and I want to make it focused on doing things that are important.

That's why:

  • my insurances and wills and trust funds are in order in case I'm called by the Lord early

  • I'm working on Wealthy Affiliates and Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB)

  • I've been investing and continue to invest for dividends with thousands of dollars dividends per year in my Passive Income Investing (PII)

  • co-founded and built a 7-figure specialist physio group from a starting point of $65 dollars, all so that we can have more fun, take care of patients better, and have a better future.

My vision since 2002 was to build and live the passive income lifestyle, and yes, though I do have build some streams of passive income in dividends on online earnings, there is more to be done and growth to be reached.

I zag when everyone "wants to zag but really keep zigging" - and it's not their fault: it is very scary and difficult, because the risk of failure is high. BUT TO ME, staying where I am, the risk is even higher. If I had stayed where I was in 2008, today my salary should reach about $4K - $5K (I started with a $1700 salary before CPF) or lower.

I HAD TO ZAG, because I cannot live or provide for a family based on that. I deserve more than that. And by that virtue, YOU DESERVE MORE THAN THAT TOO. I started with nothing: no money, no network, no experience, and that's likely why I took more time making more mistakes and building. If you have more money, more network and more experience than me - you have a much higher chance and rate to succeed than I do.

This post is getting longer than I thought, and moved from a general "Insurance Invisible Scripts" to "Overcoming Invisible Scripts Important For Success" and I'll likely need to work on a follow up article later.

Edited 29/11/2016: I tried to reconnect with this friend, and later found out that it's all misunderstanding from me, as they actually already went to get insurance based on my recommendations, and their reply to me was not with any anger/frustrations etc. So all the frustrations actually ended up being one-sided from me. Yeah, good work Nigel, good work. Dumbass Nigel.

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