I Love Working With Louise

Louise and I co-own a business called Urbanrehab where we provide premium rehabilitative services to our clients who prefers discrete, professional, premium and high-quality physiotherapy and hand therapy services (sorry, don't mean to make it sound like marketing, but that is why we started out in the private practice setting).

What happened is that for the last eight months, whilst we were in Paragon (Orchard Road), we both shared one clinic location providing both our services, and because of it, we get to see each other everyday, averaging more than 8-16 waking hours together: waking up together, cooking breakfast (just me), eating breakfast together, showering and preparing to leave the house together, traveling together, going to clinic together and working closely together, discussing clinical cases together, having lunch together, discussing more clinical cases together, packing up together, going home together, having dinner together, showering and winding down together, sleeping together, and to repeat the next day.

I love this!

I never knew that I can enjoy another person's presence, time and conversation so much. The past eight months had been very, very rewarding, and good for our relationship, though it limits me on the time that I can spend on the PC and internet building webpages, but I don't regret any second of it. Well, we've left our Paragon clinic, and set up independent clinics in different parts of Singapore (she's in Raffles Place and I'm in Novena Medical Center), so now we don't spend as much time together as before, and I'm having such a tough time as I miss having her near me. It's quite bad, this withdrawal symptoms.

Interestingly, we've met many people who were shocked at how much time we spend together, as they always claimed that they cannot spend too much time with their spouses as either it'd drive them nuts, and that distance makes the heart grow fonder, or they just need some space. And they always say that we're like that because we're in our honeymoon phase. Hmm, maybe. It's been three years, and I don't think I'll see any signs of slowing down. Because, I think I love Louise more today than yesterday, and more yesterday than last week, and so on.

I think, I really enjoy her.

I delight in her.

That's why we got married.

What about you? Would you like to work with your spouse? Would you delight to?

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