I Decided To Learn More About Affiliate Marketing With AffiloJetPack

So a couple of days back, I was sharing with you that I'm thinking of testing between:

And the fundamental reason why I wanted to do so was because:

  1. I needed to learn better, newer and tested techniques beyond my old understanding of internet marketing. Besides, I've only been making $10-$20 per month, which isn't great (yes, I know making $1 online is super, but I want a new and better breakthrough).

  2. I wanted to learn from someone who's been there, done that, and not just another scammer. And because of that, I went ahead with Mark Ling's AffiloJetPack (AJP). AJP has been around since 2008, and he has thousands of students who are fans and share about him and his products.

After comparing all three courses, I choose AJP because

  1. of its course materials

  2. its been around since 2008

  3. 18 pre-researched and proven $100+ million dollar niches

  4. 90+ pre-written and tested email autoresponders (good for one year per niche you choose - you get to choose 5)

  5. 3 ebooks to be used as giveaways

  6. 20 article research packs which will help me accelerate my web building process

The core tipping point for for me was items 3, 4, 5 and 6 - it helped guide me decide to make the buy AffiloJetPack and shorten the learning curve. And yes, AffiloJetPack is the most expensive of the three, but upside is that it's a one time payment, no upsells or recurring fees - as of now, it is more worthwhile than any of the courses I had signed up for.

This Is What You'd See At AffiloJetPack Main Page (This Is My Student Login Page)

I even wrote a short testimonial on their website, which is:

I joined a couple of days back on 16-17th April 2017, and have spent around 3-4 hours a day digesting the information and executing based on AJP's teaching.

Mark is indepth, but it's very coherent, and "just nice amount" so that you dont feel overwhelmed, and very clear to take action.

To add, support is simply amazing - they're human (yes!!) and very quick turnaround and helpful ie I ask a question (or a lot of questions) and they always answer, and/or provide me a place to read more/guide me. To be specific, Cecille has always been very professional, pleasant, helpful and even encouraging - thank you Cecille =)

This is my first feel as a new student of AffiloJetPack, and inasmuch my experience with support and the course materials is very good, I want to earn my 1st dollar first before I will actively share/promote it - update you soonest!

In the span of few days of buying and consuming and applying it, I've learnt so much and have started applying it. You will be able to see some difference here too at NigelChua.com, and I hope I have more results to share soon! Because of this test, I may be missing in action for a while here, but rest assured I am learning, applying and experimenting to bring you more results =)

Click here if you want to read more about AffiloJetPack.

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