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Hardworking Grab Driver In Malaysia

Recently I was so encouraged speaking to my Grab driver en-route back from lunch in JB with my family, and he was sharing with me how he used to work in Singapore with PSA, for about 12 hours a day. Including commute to and fro Singapore, that's about 16 hours a day.

He one day decided to try GrabCar driving, and he realized that it's quite good (in terms of making money and control over his life), so he quit his job and is happily Grab-driving passers around.

He starts his day at 5 AM in the morning, because he realized that there are many people commuting to Singapore and wants a direct lift/car to Singapore customs and even better, there is usually people at JB customs who after doing a night shift, wants to come back.

And he repeats that until around 11 AM-ish (so that's about 5-6 hours of work), then he takes a break until around 4 PM to rest, eat, exercise, doing his own stuff basically.

Then head out again at 4 PM to start picking up people again to-and-from JB customs, and the second round lasts until around 8.30 PM (4.5 hours) and then he calls it a day.

He doesn't work Sundays because he wants to spend time with family.

He works between 9.5 - 10.5 hours for six days a week.

He also shared with me how he has a fiancee, who's working as spa therapist (they're both Malays) and I encouraged him to ask her to:

  • open her own spa catering to all and also the Malay community, as there is not that many of that around
  • start doing house calls

He replied that she's already doing house calls, and her plan is to open a spa as I recommended, targeting the Malay community, because there is a demand that is unmet there.

I am so glad to connect and meet with him, and so encouraged to see him and his fiancee working and hustling to grow.

one of my favorite quotes: never stop dreaming and hard work is our best friend

Always have a dream and keep ploughing and chipping away until you get to where you wanted to be and go.

It all begins with a dream and a vision, and to get there, it is hard work that will carry you all the way to your dream and vision.

Be it for passive income internet businesses, or passive income investing with dividend stocks or at a career or business - never stop dreaming and never stop working hard, no matter where you are.

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