I Got An Email From A Reader Asking How To Start Making Money Online (And My Answer)

In May 2017, I got this email from a reader Aftab:

email from aftab where to start

My reply to him was:

Hi Aftab, no problems - I try my best to avail myself and answer my readers - I am actually interested in helping you earn your first $1 (and first $1000 online too).

Few things: please always address me as Nigel ok, it's better and more casual =)

I don't charge monthly fees Aftab, I think what you can do to start off is to

  1. Read and re-read the pdf I had sent you (if you want access to the PDF, it's available with email optin only)

  2. Depending on your budget, I want you to take action

    A) Low budget (about USD 6+ per month): DIY with self-hosted WordPress: visit BlueHost to buy hosting and domain name. Sign up for the free Affilorama to learn what they do

    B) (Recommended) Some budget: Sign up for AffiloBluePrint (USD 197) - there are a lot of pros for this option, including getting AffiloTheme (valued at USD 97), Affilorama Premium (valued at USD 67), one year hosting, great for people who want to start making money online BUT don't know where to start.

    C) (High Budget - Recommended if you have budget for it) AffiloJetPack (USD 997) - the most pricey of the lot, but most useful for me (I personally have this as well as AffiloBluePrint). The most beneficial part is that it has 18 proven niches, 20 content guides per niche, one year's worth of autoresponder for every niche, as well as AffiloBluePrint and 1 year hosting.

That's my 3 options for you, so here on you have to decide what's your budget. Low/no budget, go with option A, but it has lowest chance of success because there is no guide. If you have some budget, at least go for B which is AffiloBluePrint (USD 197) which increases your success a lot more because there is a solid and proven guide.

Ask me anything k, talk soon Aftab

That was my full reply to him.

...and then I thought to myself: is there more readers out there that has the same questions?

I will try to answer based on my thought process, understanding and experience.

First off, PART A:one question - do you have a preference for WordPress...or it doesn't matter? ie what matters more is the platform that you choose gives you the HIGHEST chance of success?

The reason why I ask this is because more than 10+ million people use WordPress, and it is one of the world's most popular web content management systems (CMS), and you can start off really cheap with it:

That's good enough to start. When you get more traffic etc, you may need to upgrade your hosting (my hosting for my WordPress sites is more than $20+ per month), you may spend more on customized themes/premium themes, and plugins

I spent money on

  • PrettyLinkPro $99 per year which makes it easier to handle all my affiliate links

  • Thrive Leads $67 one time which helps me create nice-looking optin forms placed over my site

  • Thrive Content Builder $67 one time which is great to create squeeze pages AND build lovely pages (see my resource page)

  • Fluttermail email management system $20+ per month) - these all add up to be about an additional USD 473+ per year. Add the hosting and domain name and it'd be: USD 532.40 per year.

If you don't mind a NON-WordPress, I highly recommend you to consider Solo Built It. It's an old, clunky looking web-based software...but it has given me crazy results compared to all my WordPress sites.. An example is that I used it to create a 6-figure lead generation website for my private practice business...and as it matured, the website aberaged 25k-30k page views per month (about 3000 visitors per month).  On average, at the very least, 12 new patients came to us every month, and as each new patient returned for about 6 visits each time, that'd be 12 new patients x 12 months x 6 visits x $135 average bill size = $116,640 gross revenue per month.

And I hadn't counted those new patients who became returning fans, telling others about us etc.

Cost per year? USD 299.

It seems to be so much cheaper at USD 299 per year when compared to a full fledged WordPress website, but one can really go "very lean with WordPress", if you just take the domain and hosting, that'd be about USD 59.39 per year.

But if you're pretty darn serious about build an online or physical business, go with
Solo Build It. Hands down.

>> Compare Solo Build It with self hosted WordPress here <<

So that's the first thing: Solo Build It vs self hosted WordPress


Solo Build It has an action guide that will help guide you and brainstorm with you ideas of what potential online business that you can do based on your interest, and I went through the action guide again and again and again to understand everything.

Here's what I have to say: the action guide is amazing, BUT is more of an action guide on HOW TO USE Solo Build It well. I mean, SBI is an amazing platform to build powerful websites that drive real traffic and business, but it was always "sort of easy for me" because my niches are ALREADY DETERMINED.

An example, I was building a website to build a web presence and rank it on Google/search engines for my physical therapy business - this was ALREADY my niche, I didn't have to brainstorm my top 10 passions, test and whittle it down to 3, 2 than work on the "best one". So it was a bit unfair.

Why I say this is because so many people either

  • do not know which niche to enter because they have TOO many interests

  • do not know where to start online because they have NO idea

If that's you, I recommend AffiloJetPack. I like the AJP on so many levels, but the two main reasons was:

  • provides me 18 already tested and proven $100+ million to billion dollar niches

  • provides me with one year's worth of newsletters with recommended affiliate products

There is a lot more utilities and tools provided such as Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Leads, support for website and email autoresponder etc but really, these two are the main reason why I paid $997 for AJP, but I'm glad it's just a one time fee and I am a student for life. I actively use the newsletters and content and references to the affiliate products in all my affiliate businesses, and I know it has helped me a lot.

If you have the budget for it, go for AffiloJetPack: highly recommended.


That's it

If you choose SBI only, then go through the Action Guide and follow it steadfastly.

If you choose WordPress only - please don't. It's very hard to succeed as it is.

If you choose WordPress + AffiloJetPack, then follow their guide there.

And then take serious and consistent action for 18 - 24 months to build the online business. It takes a helluva lot of time to mature, connect with people, for people to like and share etc.


I'm a little weird.

AffiloJetPack encourages me to use WordPress, but because of my experience with Solo Build It, I RATHER build with SBI and transfer all the information and technical-knowhows with what I learnt from AJP over, and that's what I'm doing. I do this because I know and I want to build strong, intrinsic and powerful websites that drive traffic from search engines and yet at the same time, I can also build squeeze pages for paid traffic when I want to.

I take the Solo Build It + AffiloJetPack because I'm a little weird (and greedy) because I want the best of both worlds, and I'm slowly integrating it especially into my prototype dating tips for women site. I'm not sharing the link because it's too early, and I'm not sure if I want to share it yet? Hmm.

Whatever you do, decide today. Don't wait. 2017 is already coming into 7 months.

Where will you be in one year's time?

If nothing changes, you'd be just where you had always been. If that's not what you want to do, and you want to make money online, sign up through the links I had given you, and take action. Now, and consistently.

That's the only way you can and will improve.

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