Glimpses of success recipes: stacking odds in your favor

One of the greatest recipes, in my personal opinion is this - stacking the odds in your favor.

It sounds so simple, but is fundamentally true.

The basis is this: for success to occur, oftentimes is usually a mix of several multifactorial that needs to happen at the same time, in the correct minimum dosage, to the correct people, through the right medium, for it to bloom, blossom and thrive.

  • Take example, many of the businesses during the great depression slumped simply because of the timing then, no matter how good each businesses were - the timing weren't good enough.

  • Tell people of the 1950s that we will be exploring space to harvest space minerals or do space tourism, and I think you'll be reported to the madhouse.

  • Imagine Facebook trying to launch in 1920s - no one would be open, savvy or keen for it, as during the industrial era, computers werent a viable supply to people during that time, nor is the education or social structure ready - people were into commodities and hard supply and labor.

For any business to succeed today, the same principles apply - the right products, the right people, the right promotion (medium) and period (timing).

To succeed, I find that you've gotta keep stacking the odds in your favor such that you cover as much as you can; this means that you reach out to the proper target audience as much as you can, you do the best research on your target audience need, you serve the happy and unhappy clients the best you can and take care of your team, take care of your health, take care of your spiritual walk, take care of your family, take care of your friends, and keep doing the above, again and again and again, until you reach a certain critical mass, which will then bring your business up the next level.

And then you do it again. =)

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