Article 3 of 3 Formula For Success - Giving Yourself Reasons To Succeed

We need to give ourselves more and more reasons to succeed.

You see, we need reasons to compel us to take actions and make decisions that lead us closer and closer to success, yet, we often don't do so.

This is an observation of mine, something that I have been noting for years. It's interesting - why do people give themselves reason to fail?

I've pondered long and hard, and it's very complex. Some of the reasons I came up with includes:

  • thinking is "I can't, because (insert reason here)"
  • being actually afraid of actually achieving success
  • we give our reasons why we shouldn't do certain things
  • procrastinate and putting things on hold, because they're tiring
  • etc etc

It's so much easier to just do nothing, or just bitch and complain about how life is treating us unfairly or how our bosses are crap or just to procrastinate and put things off.

It's easy for me to talk about technicalities of achieving success such as how to overcome procrastination, how to create passive incomehow to create an online business, or getting whatever you want.

That's the easy part.

The "how-to" and technical parts are really the easy part, because it's more of an actionable skill, which gets better and better with use and refinement. In the journey of success, it's the "vehicle" that gets you on the journey - some people's journeys are faster because they have better vehicles, less obstructions, more luck etc.

But I'm not here to talk about that today.

Today, I'm more interested in finding about what keeps you in your success vehicle, and keeping on your path of success. This means that you have a rough idea of what success means to you. That's just one part of the formula of success. Yet, knowing what success means is more like knowing where you're driving your success vehicle to.

I want to know why you stay behind the wheels of your success vehicle, day after day after day, hour after hour after hour, staying your course in this journey of success.

What is driving you internally? What's your reasons to and for success?

Think about it. What keeps you going?

I'd like you to do a worksheet. Set time aside, around 30 minutes. Arm yourself with a pen and paper, or with a laptop/PC (I don't recommend using tech stuff as it becomes so easy to get distracted), and turn off all sources of distraction such as your phones, your radio etc.

Start writing your reasons for success. It's okay if the reasons are similar, and it doesn't matter now - just keep writing. Don't stop until you find that there is nothing to write anymore, then stop.

Next, walk away for awhile, and stay away for at least another 30 minutes, and then revisit your list. Add more if you have any more, and then start to group and categorize your list.

You should see recurring themes, and group them into the logical groups. Go with your flow. Common reasons to succeed themes includes for family, for spouse, for self, for fun etc. Once done, keep it aside and leave it for a full day, and come back to it again the next day. See your list, and make revisions where you see fit.

This is a very important list, it's the energy part of success and life, which gives you the fuel and energy that will last throughout the day.

As a human being, we need to be reminded of what we're here for, and who we're here for, and that is the power of giving yourself reasons to succeed.

Some of my reasons why I strive hard includes:

  • for family - I want a better life for my wife, our future kids, our families. I want to give them opportunities for a better life and future.

  • for fun - I enjoy complexity and difficulty.I'm also curious. It gives me a sense of achievement, when I overcome them, though it often also gives me headache and heartache...but it's fun.

  • for Christ - I want to do my best to honor Christ

Those are my reasons, and at this point in time, they're good enough to keep me going day in day out, taking consistent steps and actions to get me closer to my goals.

Share with me what's some of your reasons to succeed in the comments section below.

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