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Gastroenteritis Hospitalization April 2018

It was a painful and uncomfortable event not just for me, but for my entire family because we all took turns to having vomiting and/or diarrhea:

  • Started with me having 3 episodes of diarrhea on Monday, which then went away...

  • Then Louise had a few episodes of diarrhea on Tuesday

  • Then Olivia's school called us to inform us that she had diarrhea, but when she came home, there was no additional episodes

  • On Wednesday, on the way of taking Olivia to school, she vomitted

  • Then nothing...all the way to...

  • Saturday, where David just started vomiting out of the blue, and he vomited so many times that bile started to be mixed into his vomit (yellowish clear) and he was so tired, that we decided to bring him straight to the specialist pediatrician.

    When she saw his yellowish clear vomit, she said to immediately ward and to be placed on IV as well as ordering an abdominal scan to rule out other diagnosis.

    (Of course, Olivia had fun cos she got to stay in hospital for the first time, got food, got TV - she was having fun)

  • ...the next day, Sunday, I started feeling ill, and started having 3 episodes of severe vomiting as well as really painful abdominal cramps. Deliberated between going back home versus going to the A&E, but the cramps was so bad, I went straight to A&E.

the hospitalization

The triage saw me, placed me on IV, and wheeled me to the room within 45 minutes and gave me some anti-nausea, anti-cramping meds and asked me if I have any "usual" gastro specialists.

The one I usually see if Dr Ooi CJ, but he was on leave; and my father-in-law's gastro was about to go on leave, so my wife asked our doctor friends and Dr Desmond Wai was recommended to us.

He came not long, and was very worried for me as he thought it could be gallstones due to the intensity of the pain, but when I explained the recent family medical history, he thanked me for the background, and said that it's possibly moreso leaning towards acute gastroenteritis, and ordered IV antibiotics and a slew of other meds.

I stopped vomiting almost immediately, though still having waves of nausea that comes and goes, but it started moving towards bad BAD diarrhea.

I'm talking about at least 35-40 episodes if not more over the first 2 days. It was really bad.

Even when I took anti-diarrhea, I was still having diarrhea.

Ooh. Painful.

Finally I could be discharged on Wednesday of the following week (it's Saturday as I write this), but I was so so so tired but I am so glad to go home.

Over the next few days, I continued to hydrate myself and take the medicines, and I'm gradually feeling better.

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