Funniest Dream With Papa

It's strange, I had a really interesting dream with papa in it, and it was pretty surreal.

I entered the dream with papa beside me, we're in a? boat or? ferry with lots of people, lots of noise, and we were headed to a resort island. I recall this resort island was the same resort island that I had dreamt of before, with papa in it as well, where we had bought a plot of land and build a HUGE HUGE house, a mansion sort-off (it's huge because I remember in the dream, seeing large pillars and driveways which can easily fit 20-30 large cars...and the long walk to the door)

Note: I'm pretty sure I dreamt of this place before, it is too familiar, and I'm sure I've seen this place before. It's only reachable by water.

Back to the dream, we were on the boat, and suddenly, we're on a bus with lots of people around us; interestingly, lots of caucasions and whites around, youngish looking, many of them wearing bikinis and swimming trunks and generally having a good time partying.

I remember in the bus and I looked up to a veranda and I sound a lady bending over in her bikini, and I recall this scene particularly because of the vividness of the detail. She wore a black and white striped bikini and was either drinking or dancing or something.

And still our bus went on.

And then papa turn to me and told me that the music was too loud, and it had caused his ear drums to burst, as he could feel "moisture" in his ears (aka blood)...and this caused me to break down in a very deep grief in the dream.

In the dream, I told him that actually, he had drowned?/died in water? and that's why he could feel moisture/wetness in his ears. (Note: papa didn't pass away because he drowned, but pneumonia was largely the cause of it)

That was when I fell into deep, deep grief, crying tears and moans of anguish, and I continued until he told me, "So you mean I don't have to sleep anymore la?"

This was where I burst out laughing, great bellows of laughter for a good few minutes and he was just there, standing, looking amused.

And then I replied, "well, I think so. I think you don't have to sleep anymore then."

And then he looked generally pretty amused and happy, and said aloud to me as he stomped around the muddy banks overlooking the waters -

"I need to tell this to your mum"

And the scenery seems to pan out and faded out, like a movie set.

I distinctly remember waking up smiling, to such a memorable and incredibly funny dream of my papa. Papa, I miss you. I'll see you when I do ok. I'm learning lots about fatherhood and parenting, and gosh, it's tough! You and mum are amazing. Thank you for everything.

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