So the front counter staff is leaving...

...not that long after a series of mistakes, errors and attitude that's been showing on the billing and accounts every week and end of the month; on top of making that $600.00 mistake. (edit: we uncovered that the error had fallen mainly on her, as the other colleague had professionally picked up the error and passed the info to her already, but she had forgotten about it)


And today as I was printing some documents, I found out that she has used her working time to prepare and update her CV, to apply and likely find a job during working hours with us. And she always claims that she's too busy to do anything. In the same CV, she indicated that her age and time had limited her experiences, and now she's keen to "even" do shift work. I had to change the working hours to suit her as she's an unapologetic perpetual late comer. Even when the later start time, she was still late!

She also said that she has the ability to cope in a "very high paced clinic" - I'm not sure if I should even feel flattered for her to describe the clinic that I own to be high paced, when it is her who is slow in executing, prioritizing and managing tasks. When she makes mistakes, she wouldn't own up to them and she always have someone else to blame - it was never her fault.

Hmm. There are two rules in life to success.

#1 Put In The Legwork To Be Champ - if you don't want to put in the effort and time to wake up early, to prepare and put in the effort to be ready to be champ, you won't get to be a champ. Not ever. No one wakes up a sudden champ. No one wakes up a sudden genius. They always have to put in the hours and energy to become the champion and success they are today, but people don't like to see or hear about the hard work part. About the thankless parts. Or about the painful mistakes. This is the grind.

#2 Own Up To Your Shit - if you don't take responsibility to account that the shit is yours, you will never amount to anything. It's not extreme thinking, it's basics - you grow by stretching, and when you're stretched, you will feel pain. Avoid pain = avoid stretch = avoid growth = no chance of success.

It's also very interesting that when I asked her why she was leaving, she said that it was her uncle and auntie's request for her to stop and focus on studying. Hmm. That doesn't quite tally with her updating her CV and applying for jobs...which meant that she lied to me.

Whatever it is, when I read her CV, I almost couldn't believe my eyes of what she had thought herself to be - coping well in a fast paced environment (she was NOT), open to working in a shift hour job (perpetual latecomer) and sloppy with details, which resulted in massive billing mistakes, month on month.

That being said, I'll have to say that she has had her good points - on a personal basis, she's fun and friendly. If we cut her some slack, maybe she's young and restless, that's why she has difficulty in focus. Maybe as she's studying part time, she can't focus. Maybe she couldn't deal with the truth, that's why the lies and deception came about.

Originally I was thinking of trying to ask her to stay, but looking back, it dawned on me that (1) I don't want to retain a person who doesn't want to stay and (2) I prefer a higher functioning, conscious and mature colleague.

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