Finally, I think I've found my "Life Message"

Actually, I pretty energized and excited - I think I have finally found what my life message and purpose is, and how that'd translate into my blog here in For year I have struggled not only to find "my voice", but more importantly, my message.

Ever since my company is running on semi-automated, it'd has freed up some time somewhat (because with a daughter born in January 2015, much of my time still disappears) for me to think, explore, refine ideas, think some more and test some more.

To date, I'm getting more and more comfortable that my pursuit of building a Passive Income Lifestyle is what embodies what I do everyday, and where every/most of my daily actions and efforts are somewhat geared towards building my own Passive Income Lifestyle.

I call it the Passive Income Lifestyle, because it's a lifestyle from passive income, from 2 types of sources:

  • Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB)
  • Passive Income Investing (PII)

For Passive Income Businesses, I started off with the brick-and-mortar physical/offline kind, and built it up to where it is today with the grace of God, with the help of my wife, and our wonderful team, whom I am so, so, so proud to be with. As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I am much more selective of my time and energies, and inasmuch as I will dedicate my time to growing by anchor offline business, I will direct much more of my time and energies pursuing building online businesses that falls into my pursuit of Passive Income Internet Businesses, that are lower costs to start and run, non-geography specific, and extremely scalable.

It just makes sense.

I've gone for 2 courses on building profitable internet businesses, and I will share more of their outcomes, and yes, I've made some money on executing what I have learnt from those 2 courses.

I also am more and more convinced that it's one thing to just learn how to make more money online/on the internet, but it's also good and maybe vital to learn how to channel a set amount of money periodically into investments that yields passive income, all on autopilot. I am not looking to actively trade, so I look only to invest in very safe investing vehicles that require very little or no maintenance from my end, except to review it say every quarterly.

All these I will put into a monthly income reporting so that you can see exactly how much either of my Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and my Passive Income Investing (PII) is doing for my Passive Income Lifestyle.

At this point in my life, I can say that I do have multiple streams of recurring passive income that is funding my lifestyle to a certain extent, BUT I'm rechannelling every cent into reinvesting into the either of my Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and my Passive Income Investing (PII) for them to continue growing.

I will take some time to consolidate everything and show you in the income reports - very excited about this =D

I did take my time, and if you see my blog, my last post was in August 2015 - a good 3 months ago. I took some time (and will take some more) to think and pursue some courses and execute and learn along the way.

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