Few Core Things That Are Important To Building AND Living A Passive Income Lifestyle

A few days back, I wrote My Ultimate Passive Income Lifestyle Blueprint, which is my tried-tested-and-refined philosophy and strategy to building and living a passive income lifestyle.

It didn't contain any tactics.

It just has 3 basic rule-of-thumbs, which is:

  • Cut your unnecessary expenses aggressive
  • Earn more money/income
  • Optimize savings/earnings by investing for passive income

It didn't require luck.

Nor does it require lots of money.

What it DOES require, however is:

  • the three items above
  • consistency
  • patience

Nothing more.

And that's what this article is about: not complicating things. Building and living a passive income lifestyle has two key components to it:

Passive Income + Lifestyle

It can be easy to become bored, because passive income, once you start it, you realize it's pretty boring. I mean, take my dividend stocks. I KNOW every year, plus minus, I'll get a range between 4.5% to 7% return on investments.

I take the dividends and reinvest them.

I got surplus from savings and businesses? Sure, I invest them into my dividend stocks.

There is nothing large and sexy about it, and it is dead boring: and this IS the key to passive income which I've realized. And this IS ALSO THE DEADLY part, and that is we humans sometimes can't stand boring and predictable.

We want some excitement and zest and LIFE!

And I realize it, and I acknowledge and appreciate it...hold on, there's is a BIG BUT coming up...


This is MY truth of the matter of passive income

The reason for this is because the more safe, predictable and reliable my passive income returns, the more I can LIVE THE LIFESTYLE of passive income lifestyle.

The thing is this, my passive income flow funds my passive income lifestyle.

I certainly do not want any risks or fluctuations to come from my investments, not an iota or cent.

Where I "scratch" my itch for zest and excitement and sexy stuff is in my businesses, where I think and crack my brain about how to improve businesses, life, and running.

And that's how I "hold" myself together, and this approach has been working fairly ok.

And once I get these three in order

  • Cut your unnecessary expenses aggressive
  • Earn more money/income
  • Optimize savings/earnings by investing for passive income

...then I will focus purely on earning more income, because that will be the core multiplier that I am strong in, and working on my strengths, that is what I will focus on more.

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