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Fascinating Season Of 2018 and 2019

I have been on a sabbatical since 20th December 2017, and until today, 16th January 2019, things have been very fascinating.

All this time to set aside to ponder, mull, think, deliberate, and isolation, has been showing/hinting at some fascinating insights to me.

Publishing Is Really Fun

I shared earlier that my first semi-professional Amazon ebook content is complete, though not ready for publishing yet, and I LOVED it! I enjoyed the process of creating, writing and though it's not complete yet (still much to do), but it's been fun.

Insightful too, as it makes me think and question more, about the niches, topics and industries that are closer to my heart and sets a sort of "direction" where I will want to move into eventually. I will come up with 2-3 test ebooks under pen names to get the hang of the process, and then I will want to publish books that are close to my heart and with my own name ie Nigel Chua.

There's much to learn, apply, refine and do, and I'll keep you updated =)

nigelChua Website And Overall Focus

An example is of NigelChua.com (this particular website) - I've changed the ideas and focus of it so many times, moving from:

  • personal development
  • internet marketing
  • passive income
  • FIRE (financial independence and retire early)
  • and back to the passive income lifestyle

I've also written about:

  • health (supplements, diets, experiments)
  • courses I go for (such as Amazon authorship/publishing)
  • musings/thoughts

This makes the topics all over the place, and can be confusing. Recently, I started to ask myself, especially when I pursued Amazon Authorship (no, I'm not gonna write on Amazon Authorship), but I was thinking of what industries, niches and topics that I'm interested to publish.

It made me stop and think.

Cos it's easy/easier to keep doing without thinking or evaluating, but when you think about publishing, one cannot and shouldn't publish without thinking, because there are so many steps involved, and one need to consider a little more.

I am wondering, if I seem to be all over the place because I tend to see things from a larger perspective, and that I have varied interests, passions and ideas? But what is the middle, connecting framework that connects the dots?

I...believe I am speaking much about:

  • courageous living
  • asking questions
  • making decisions (leadership, life, relationships, money)
  • etc

I don't have all the answers yet, and I am still trying to put the ideas together to one connecting framework. Offhand, it's easy for me to want to think that I'm interested in personal development and growth, which I am. I may use this niche in the end, but I want to take some time more to think about it.

Cos I'm inspired and a little bit of:

  • Tim Ferriss in that I learn specific how-to to overcome specific problems/issues such as health, 4-hour muse businesses
  • John Maxwell in that I love leadership, courage, authentic living
  • Steve Pavlina in the approach of courage, love, authority, (the 9 truths)
  • Tony Robbins in wanting to help others overcome and bridge the gap with growth technologies
  • Ramit Sethi in that systems and automation is vital to finance (and life as whole)
  • Other topics I'm interested in includes entrepreneurship, love as guide to business/life/everything/Paladin's way to life (honor system, lawful good etc)/biblical economics/biblical growth/spirituality etc
  • Passive income: earning more, converting active income to passive income, living the passive income lifestyle etc
  • I identify with the Paladin's way of life: doing good cos it's good, being lawful good, having/living a code of honor, loving/forgiving/faithfulness

Much to mull and think about, and yes, you can expect a lot of changes to NigelChua.com sometime soon.

other Big Challenge

I've also been privileged and blessed to face a much larger challenge that I've never faced before in my life, and I cannot write about them here...however, I can assure you that it's one of the toughest battles of my life, my thoughts (mind) and heart (emotions).

Dealing with human beings are fascinating, and this seems to be a battle of good/light versus evil/darkness - a bit philosophic, but that is the essence of it. Maybe it's as what I share with my kids: darkness do dark things, light do light things - it's in the nature of its essence.

Perhaps when the battle has been fought and a clear conclusion has been met, then maybe I can share more.

Perhaps that's why I had the dream of large ocean waves.

Truly 2018 has been a fascinating time, and the beginning of 2019 has been equally if not more intense and challenging, and I look forward to growing and overcoming more.

I will continue to fight and defend for what is good, and I pray that you do too, no matter how tough it seems, or dark the night seems, how tired you are. Muster your courage, pray, and never cease to do good, to add value, color and life to the world, and never to take away.

share with me what you'd like me to share more on

I'd love to hear from you what you think and more importantly, I'd like to find out how I can serve you better. What do you want to learn more from me?

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