Dream Journey With Papa

This was my dream, as I experienced it, nothing added nor taken away. There is religious element in it, but I share this story as I dreamt it, through my eyes and experience in the dream as I recall it.

My original post I wanted to write on was to follow up on my previous post on my struggles with a cared loved one lashing at me, and my dilemma to help or not - the more I wanted to help, the more hurt seems to manifest. I wanted to rant how the same person I've been praying for, keep reaching out to, keep encouraging, paying webhosting and domain name for, going out of my way to look for professional help and whatever the person needed, yet, all these needs seems so trival all of a sudden...This dream changed that perspective and thought pretty quickly.

Onto the dream:

Last night, on the 13th of July 2014, I dreamt of my papa, who had been called to be with the Lord on the 24th of May 2014 (roughly 49 days as of writing)

We were walking together in a desert-like place, it was bright and sunny, but I don't remember being warm or if the sun glared into my eyes.

I remembered looking at my papa's face, and I could see the same face he had when he was hospitalized - eyes half shut, but focused on a distance, as though he was looking at, or for something.

He never once looked at me, but he acknowledged me.

I asked him, "Pa, what are we looking for?"

All he said was "Wait, we're looking."

And suddenly I find myself in a vastly beautiful mosque. It's not an old, traditional type of mosque, but it's a ultra-sleek and modern one. It is almost 100% glass windows, overlooking a vast skyline. It's really beautiful, and there was people all around.

My heart sank.

Really? Is this the truth in the end?

I turned to my papa, and asked him - "Is this the place we're looking for?"

He was unfazed by the beauty of the place, nor of the people, nor of the busy-ness and the bustling.

He shook his head gently, saying

No - wait. We're still looking."

Just a distance away, I saw more beautiful structures. Not as large as the one that we were in, but their beautiful architecture and design stood out as well.

My papa started moving in that direction, and I quickly followed suit. As we walked closer and closer, they seem to be four distinctive yet beautiful structures, and with quite different dressing styles.

On the left was distinctively Buddhist. I don't really know why, but in my dream, that was the thought that came to my mind in the dream (is this even normal?). Three more structures to its right, I can't really remember the thought about them, but I know they were other religious-type structures, groups and organizations.

Suddenly, we're in the Buddhist structure. And then, we were in structure 2. Then structure 3. Then structure 4.

I asked papa - "Is what you're looking for, in any of these?"

My heart jumped faster as I thought about these questions I asked him. I definitely didn't want to know that our beliefs changed or are wrong in the end. I didn't want to hear that.

Papa yet again, seemed unfazed, his eyes still half-opened, but unfazed nonetheless. Again, he shook his head to say no, and said:

"No, wait. I'm still looking."

I remember giving a huge sigh of relief, as he said that.

I gazed up, to see the super advanced, super large and high end mosque in front of us - it was the largest of the five structures I had come across, and its size definitely spanned more than the 4 different structures combined.

Behind me, the four beautiful structures, stood majestic.

All 5 were filled with many people, and suddenly, there was no one.

It was quiet again, as everything disappeared.

From far away, I could see the image of someone walking towards us. A silhoutte figure of a person.

A man.

In white-yellowish robes.

No majestic buildings. No crazy hustle bustle. No nothing.

Then papa walked towards Him. When papa reached the figure, papa walked over to His side. Papa and Him stood side-by-side, facing me. It'd seem as though there was two different sides.

How do I know it's Him? I don't know how I know. It just seems that when you see Him - you know it's Him. There is nothing to question. I just seemed to know that this person is Jesus.


My heart jumped in joy - I knew it! I remember papa stood with the figure, and papa looked at ease, like he had found what he was looking for.

Papa's home.

I never felt so glad in my life, in that dream - whatever. I knew that I knew, I was truly happy, in the dream.

They were silent, and they faced me.

And then I woke up.

Papa's home.


Even though it was just yesterday that I had dreamt about papa, after wishing for so long to dream of him - the dream seems quite vivid. Quite prophetic, to a certain extent. I liked how Jesus appeared without all the unnecessary noise and clutter - it seems like there is no need for all that. No bright and shiny objects, churches or whatnot.

I am humbled to remember papa's focus, as he sought for Jesus, amidst the seemingly beautiful structures and busy-ness. Originally, I wanted to rant about my struggles with handling people, but after this dream, I am inclined to lean towards focusing my face, my vision, my focus, my energy on Jesus.

Jesus and papa, thank you for that dream. Finally, I could see you again papa. It's been so long. I miss you, papa.

And it's so cool - you appeared with Jesus, to appear to teach me something - you've never changed, papa and Jesus. Always teaching me something, or reminding me of how I can be better. I like it. Please appear more often, teach me, mould me, open my eyes, open my mind. Teach me. I am hungry to grow. I want to be the best I can be,  for Jesus' glory and make you proud. There are only so few people whom I can turn to today, and I want to receive your teachings, your wisdom.

I can see a little clearer now. I am going to live my life for your sakes, and for Jesus glory. I am going to focus more on You, and I lift up my life, my struggles, to You, Jesus.

Jesus, grant me Your wisdom, favor, grace, mercy and anointing, as I carry out Your will. I am not perfect, only You are, Jesus. Teach me Your ways.

All of me, for all of You. I love you Jesus.

PS: Pa, you looked so cool. I'll see you later k.

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